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Harry Styles & Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “TPWK” Dance Break Is Sparking So Much Joy

*And* fashion inspiration.

One Direction may have a bad dancing reputation, but Harry Styles is holding his own. His "Treat People With Kindness" video, out Jan. 1, featured an epic dance break with none other than Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and for many reasons, fans can't get enough of it.

The black-and-white, three minute and 21 second video is set in a retro night club where Styles is performing (in a sequined jacket, no less) and Waller-Bridge arrives to enjoy a martini and mingle with her fellow guests. By the time she sits down at a table to continue sipping her drink, Styles plants his feet on the tabletop in front o f her and extends his arm for a dance. Happily, she joins him and they both take off their blazers to reveal matching (yes, sequined!) sweater vests that go with their white slacks and white shoes.

The pair burst into a series of gleeful twirls, shimmies, hops, and shakes — plus a cartwheel — with suited backup dancers behind them. Not only does their jubilant energy *spark joy,* but in true Styles fashion, it subtly defies gender roles, and fans noticed. The number ends with Waller-Bridge taking the lead and spinning Styles inward for a finishing dip — the grandest of grand finales.

Needless to say, the dancing duo were a welcome fresh start to 2021.