Everything To Know About Hello Tomorrow! Season 2

AppleTV+ has yet to renew the retro-futuristic comedy.

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As traveling salesman Jack Billings in Apple TV+’s Hello Tomorrow!, Billy Crudup promises his customers the moon — literally. Set in a 1950s retro-future world, the streaming comedy centers on Jack and his colleagues as they hawk lunar timeshares, along with a promise for a brighter tomorrow. This isn’t the traditional ’50s world viewers might recognize, as the series is chock-full of futuristic gadgets and inventions, like robot bartenders and hovering Studebakers.

“When I am playing Jack, there is not a ounce of me that isn’t 100% sure that people are going to be living happily on the moon away from their troubles,” Crudup explained to NPR in March. “Jack tells himself this story again and again and again, that he can beat the odds and make this happen.”

One highlight of the filming process, the Morning Show actor added, was interacting with the tech crew, including puppeteers and CGI specialists. “You’re working with people who are in bright green leotards, manipulating this rather clunky-looking robot,” Crudup says. “There’s a 100-person crew on a show like this that is involved in nearly every shot. And that makes it a thrill to be a part of the circus in that way.”

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The series wraps its 10-episode first season on April 6, and though Apple TV+ has yet to renew or cancel Hello Tomorrow!, series co-creators and showrunners Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen are keen for viewers to explore more of their imaginary world. “The hope was that the whole show feels familiar and uncanny at the same time. So it’s very important to us that there’s that slight “off” quality to it. If we’re lucky enough to have a Season 2, [fans will] maybe get to see a little more of its workings and more about the world because there’s a lot there,” Bhalla told IndieWire in February. “One thing about this imaginative landscape like this is that the roots go so deep. There’s so much more of the iceberg.”

As viewers await news of the show’s future, here’s what to know about a potential Hello Tomorrow! Season 2, so far.

The Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 Cast

Any possible casting announcements remain forthcoming, but Season 1 starred: Billy Crudup (Jack Billings), Haneefah Wood (Shirley Stedman), Alison Pill (Myrtle Mayburn), Nicholas Podany (Joey Shorter), Dewshane Williams (Herb Porter), Hank Azaria (Eddie), Jacki Weaver (Barbara Billings), Dagmara Dominczyk (Elle), Michael Paul Chan (Walt), and Matthew Maher (Lester Costopoulos).

The Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 Potential Premiere Date

Filming for Hello Tomorrow! Season 1 reportedly took place between October 2021 and March 2022, ahead of a February 2023 premiere date. A potential return date would depend on when shooting begins, though. If a second season also follows a similar 16-month production schedule, fans should expect a new season to be available to stream around late Summer 2024, at the earliest.

This post will be updated as more Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 details become available.

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