12 Brands In He's All That That Look Like Odd Product Placements

From Frito-Lay to TikTok, the Addison Rae-led film features brand logos galore.

Netflix's 'He's All That' Is Full Of Outrageous Product Placements. Photo via Kevin Estrada/Netflix
Kevin Estrada/Netflix

Kevin Estrada/Netflix

The best part of watching streaming content is the lack of commercial breaks — but that doesn't mean production companies can’t promote products. In the Addison Rae-led He's All That, several brands and products were so prominently featured that you might mistake them for actual advertisements.


The opening scene finds Padgett (Rae) getting ready on a TikTok-branded livestream and features close-up shots of EOS and GoSmile products. In order to combat dehydration, she recommends Alo Head-to-Toe Glow Oil to her followers — a real product — and clearly shows the logo.