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Promising Young Woman 's UK Release Date Is Still Up In The Air

The film stars Carey Mulligan and is directed by The Crown's Emerald Fennell.

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Written, directed, and produced by Emerald Fennell, Promising Young Woman stars Carey Mulligan as Cassie, a 30-year-old who is embarking on a revenge campaign that involves her pretending to be passed-out drunk to trap predatory men into taking advantage of her. The film was originally due to be released in April 2020, but was postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. So here's how to watch Promising Young Woman in the UK.

As Empire reports, Promising Young Woman was set for release in cinemas on Feb. 12. But with the country still in lockdown and cinemas closed, it's looking more likely that the film will become available to stream via services like Prime Video, Now TV, or iTunes. Promising Young Woman is currently available to stream in the States, by purchasing the movie via on-demand services that include Prime Video and iTunes.

Promising Young Woman was released on Christmas Day in the U.S., and became available to digitally rent and stream on Jan. 15. As Decider points out, this follows Universal's recent deal with AMC last year that allows a 17-day wait for films to be made available to rent and stream online following theatrical releases. And as Promising Young Woman is distributed by Universal, it's pretty likely that it'll follow a similar trajectory for release in the UK, so it could be that it'll be released on or around March 1.

As encouraging as that is, it still means a long wait for UK filmgoers. But it'll definitely be worth it, judging by the fact that Mulligan and Fennell both received Golden Globe nominations in the actress and director categories, and the film itself earned a nom for Best Drama.