Stacey Dooley & Her BF Have The Cutest Relationship Judging By These Instagram Pics

They’ve come a long way since their Strictly days.

Documentary filmmaker and journalist Stacey Dooley
Richard Saker/Shutterstock

Documentary filmmaker and journalist Stacey Dooley was one of our favourite ever contestants on Strictly Come Dancing. So it really came as no surprise that she became the 2018 dancing champ, lifting the glitterball with dance partner Kevin Clifton. Following their win, Dooley and Clifton became an item, but where is their relationship currently at, and is Stacey Dooley married?

The short answer: not that we know of. Neither Dooley or Clifton have announced any form of engagement. But the pair do live together, and just last Christmas we got the best view into their home we’ve had to date Packed full of fresh flowers, pampas grass, chic chairs, rugs, art, and little nooks. Their London home is basically the epitome of cool. And with Dooley in charge of the decor, that hardly comes as a surprise, TBH.

Dooley and Clifton first went public with their relationship in April 2019, and made it ‘Instagram official’ around that time as well, per the Sun. Their confirmation followed months of rumours about the pair’s dancing partnership being more than just friendly.

The couple seem to be super happy and loved up, if their Instagram accounts and recent comments are anything to go by. Dooley most recently offered up a light-hearted apology to radio host Alexis Conran about how ‘cheesy’ and ‘cliché’ her love story had been.

And it seems not even lockdown shook the pair’s super strong bond. Speaking to The Guardian in July 2020, Clifton spoke about the fact the two get on like a house on fire at all times. “She was swapping stories with some friends: ‘How are you finding lockdown with your partner?’ And she said: ‘Me and Kev don’t argue – we get on well as mates as well as a couple.’” Cute!

While things are going swimmingly with Dooley and Clifton, her previous relationship with ex-boyfriend Sam Tucknott may not have ended super cordially. Following their split in December 2018, Tucknott told The Sun he was not happy with Clifton at all, branding him a “snake” and a “rat” for supposedly contributing to his and Dooley’s breakup. “I have no respect for Kevin. I’ve tried to meet him since to get ­closure, but he won’t do it,” he said at the time.

Dooley and Tucknott dated for around four years, per the Express. The film-maker had always been relatively private about that relationship, but she did bringing him up in an interview with The Sun when she discussed her fitness level: “I don’t have an excuse because my boyfriend Sam is a personal trainer. Occasionally we’ll do a boxing workout together, but that’s very rare,” she told the publication.

Tucknott had also been a regular on Stacey’s Instagram prior to their split.

Despite her breakup, 2018 turned out to be a pretty damn good year for Dooley. From her time on Strictly to the release of her first book earlier in the year to bring made a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for her services to broadcasting.

"It's hugely unexpected — this honour came totally out of the blue," Dooley wrote in a piece for BBC Three. "I had to read the letter a couple of times before it even started to sink in."

She continued: "I've spent the last decade making documentaries about everything from Isis to femicide for BBC Three, and I genuinely, hand on my heart, have had the most incredible 10 years here. I'm hugely proud that this is my home."

But don't think that receiving an MBE is going to change Dooley's work ethic. Even though she recognises that "it's nice to have the recognition that people outside of [her] own circle are familiar with [her] work," she's taking the title in her stride and will continue to shine "a light on some of the most amazing people that make up our world," and highlighting the issues of those in vulnerable and unsafe conditions through her investigative documentaries. You can immerse yourself with a collection of Dooley's documentaries on BBC iPlayer, too.