This Fan Theory Explains How Vision Is Alive In WandaVision

The android was killed in Avengers: Infinity War.

by Justice Namaste
Vision and Wanda in 'Wandavision' via the Disney+ press site

Spoilers ahead for Episodes 1 and 2 of WandaVision. There are a number of questions surrounding Disney+'s puzzling new Marvel series, WandaVision, but the biggest is undoubtedly: is Vision somehow alive? The last time fans saw him, he'd just been killed. But at the start of the show, he's living happily with Wanda Maximoff in their new town of Westview, which appears to exist inside of a '50s sitcom.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Vision — an android brought to life by the mind stone — was destroyed after Thanos ripped the stone from his head in order to complete the infinity gauntlet. Even after all the time travel wonkiness of Avengers: Endgame undid the events of Infinity War, Vision never reformed — likely because, as Endgame directors the Russo brothers confirmed, the infinity stones were destroyed and reduced down to "an atomic level" in the primary timeline.

However, the time travel in Avengers: Endgame also created alternate realities within the MCU — best evidenced by the upcoming Loki series, which follows a version of Loki who was able to escape with the time stone when the Avengers traveled back to 2012, even though in the primary timeline he was killed by Thanos in Infinity War. It is possible the same thing is happening with Vision in WandaVision, but it's unlikely because the show takes place after the events of Endgame. Though we don't yet know what Wanda has been doing between the close of Endgame in 2023 and the start of this new series, when we last saw her, she was still mourning Vision. Assuming we're still in the primary MCU reality, Vision's death would have already occurred within this timeline.

The first episode of WandaVision doesn't do much to clarify if or how Vision is alive, other than an odd moment where Wanda and Vision realize that neither of them can remember why they moved to Westview or where they were living beforehand. But by the second episode, it starts to become clear that everything is not as it appears.

First, a mysterious voice tries to contact Wanda through a radio. Then, when she and Vision come across a figure who clearly doesn't belong in the reality of Westview, she appears to consciously "rewind" time. Together, these events support the fan theory that WandaVision is drawing from the House of M comics storyline, in which Wanda has a mental breakdown after the death of her twin children and alters the fabric of reality in an attempt to restore her family. It's no surprise that after the tragic events of recent Marvel movies, Wanda might prefer to exist in a perfect world where Vision is still alive and every conflict is neatly fixed within the span of a half-hour sitcom.

So, is Vision dead in WandaVision? To the best of our knowledge, yes, though anything is possible in the MCU.