The Trailer For Jake Johnson's New Netflix Series Will Quench Your Nick Miller Thirst

Hoops is a must-see for all New Girl fans.

Jake Johnson 'Hoops' Trailer Netflix
FOX/FOX Image Collection/Getty Images

If you're a fan of Nick Miller from New Girl, then you're definitely going to want to check out the teaser for Jake Johnson's new Netflix animated series Hoops, which finds the actor taking aim at a raunchier type of comedy that is equal parts hilarious and amusing. In the series, Johnson stars as a high school basketball coach, Ben Hopkins, who has a tendency to drop a few (dozen) F-bombs every chance he can get — particularly when he finds himself in an embarrassing situation... which, from the looks of the trailer, is quite often.

"Let me show you how it's done," his character tells his team during a practice session, just before missing every single shot that he attempts to make, insisting that "it's bad luck to end practice on a miss." And yet the more he tries to make a basket, the more awkward his failure to do so becomes, which no amount of swearing can cure. It's the type of situation that would prompt Nick Miller to panic moonwalk right out of the gym doors, and yet Coach Ben Hopkins seems determined to rectify the situation, no matter how long it may take in order to do so.

Premiering on Friday, Aug. 21, Hoops was created by Ben Hoffman and follows the story of Coach Hopkins and his determination to turn his lackluster team into all-star athletes. However, make no mistake — this ambition isn't just coming out of the goodness of his heart to see the youth of today succeed. He hopes that their victories will, in turn, advance his own career and allow him to get bumped up to the "big leagues." But whether his plans actually come to fruition remains to be seen, though based on his own talents (or lack thereof) on the court, it could prove to be an uphill battle for all involved.

Aside from Johnson, the streaming series also stars Rob Riggle as Coach Hopkins' former pro athlete father, Barry Hopkins; Natasha Leggero as Hopkins' estranged wife, Shannon; Ron Funches as Hopkins' best friend and assistant coach, Ron; A.D. Miles as the team's 7-foot star player, Matty; and Cleo King as the high school principal, Opal.

It may not be quite as satisfying as seeing Nick Miller pop up on your television screen, but thanks to Johnson's impeccable comedic timing, this series has all the makings of becoming your newest obsession. One could even go so far as to call it a slam dunk.