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Worst Roommate Ever Subject Janie Ridd Is Out Of Prison

Two friends lived together for decades before a dangerous turn of events.

Janie and Rachel in Worst Roommate Ever. Photo via Netflix

Many of the stories featured in Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever tend to revolve around people who move into a shared space with a stranger, and quickly learn that they’re in a dangerous situation. But Season 2 (which dropped on June 26) flips the script by telling the story of long-term Utah friends and roommates, Rachel and Janie, who lived together for nearly 25 years before tension reached a terrifying boiling point.

So, what happened? Here’s a recap of the pair’s Worst Roommate Ever story, and where Janie Ridd is today after being convicted of multiple felonies.

Decades Of Tension

Rachel and Ridd met and moved in together in 1995. In her interviews for Worst Roommate Ever, Rachel says Ridd would try to exert influence over her finances and personal life, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Ridd “had 100% control.”

This is because a back injury prevented Rachel from working as a paramedic, and she found out she was pregnant, so she relied on Ridd’s help to care for her son as she recovered from multiple surgeries.


Ridd once tried to get custody of Rachel’s son but later apologized, and the friends continued living together. However, in 2019, Rachel experienced mysterious medical issues and was hospitalized with extremely low glucose. At the same time, the FBI began investigating Ridd for purchasing a bacteria called Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or VRSA) on the dark web.

Authorities believed that Ridd was injecting Rachel with insulin she purchased online, too. Ridd was ultimately charged with and convicted of aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult, attempted aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult, and attempted acquisition of a biological weapon.

Where Is Janie Ridd Today?

After serving 25 months in prison, Ridd was granted parole and released. Utah’s Assistant Attorney General Michael Gadd recently explained why he didn’t prosecute the case as an attempted murder on the office’s Legally Speaking podcast. While he “struggled with that decision,” he explained there wasn’t enough proof that Ridd wanted to kill Rachel.

It’s not clear where Ridd is after her 2022 release, but in an audio clip from Salt Lake County Jail played at the end of the episode, she can be heard saying she’s “gonna find a way to get him away from her.” The context is not immediately apparent, but the episode seems to imply that she’s talking about Rachel’s son.