Fans Are Convinced Jeremy Strong Staged His Condo With His Awards

“jeremy strong having this in his apartment listing is the flex of the century”

'Succession' Star Jeremy Strong's Apartment Listing Is Giving Eldest Boy Energy
Macall B. Polay/HBO

Succession is known for its toxic family values, award-winning performances, and opulent homes of the Roy family and their colleagues. The filming locations have always caught the eyes of fans, and it should come as no surprise that life imitates art with what fans believe is Jeremy Strong’s apartment going on the market. A three-bedroom Williamsburg condo was listed on Sept. 12 for a cool $1.8 million, and internet sleuths and Succession fans alike think it belongs to the Roy family’s eldest boy.

The listing photos show off the spacious apartment, featuring exposed brick, a spacious kitchen, bookshelf-lined walls, and a bathroom with gorgeous tile. One thing casual StreetEasy house hunters might have noticed was the picture of several acting awards displayed in the living room. Zooming in, you can see exactly what trophies decorate the space. User @caseymlewis shouted into the void of X (formerly Twitter), asking what others were probably wondering: “can’t stop thinking about this person selling their condo in south williamsburg with two Emmys, two SAGS, and one Golden Globe on display. WHO ARE THEY!”

After some sleuthing, a probable answer to the question of the apartment’s owner came to be: Jeremy Strong. The Emmy-, SAG-, and Golden Globe-winning actor and his wife Emma Wall have three small children (hence the pictured three cribs), and the trophies track with what he’s won so far in his career. Architectural Digest reports that Strong is the mystery seller, with Mansion Global noting that property records show that he and his wife bought the condo in 2019.

If it is indeed Strong’s dwelling, fans agreed that showing off his accolades in the listing is totally Kendall Roy-coded, saying it seems “on-brand” for the actor while referring to it as “the flex of the century.”

One thing’s for sure: The trophy display definitely gives off that eldest boy energy.