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Joan Vassos Said Packing For The Golden Bachelorette Is “Bittersweet”

She’s on her way to the mansion.

'The Golden Bachelorette' star Joan Vassos.
James Clark/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

Joan Vassos is getting ready for The Golden Bachelorette. On June 12, she gave fans an exciting update, revealing that she’s on her way to the Bachelor Mansion to begin filming.

In an Instagram video, she’s seen packing a suitcase, with her grandson Maverick in the background. She admits to the camera that leaving home is “a little bittersweet.”

“I’m leaving my family for seven weeks, and that’s a little scary,” says Joan, who was tapped to be the inaugural Golden Bachelorette. “But you know, in the end, I could maybe have the love of my life and someone to share my great life with.”

Joan also confesses that packing has been “a disaster,” because she has “no idea what to bring because I have no idea what any of the dates are.” In a caption for the video, she writes, “I’m not sure what this journey holds, but if it’s anything like my suitcase, it’s sure to be FULL of surprises! Here I go.”

Joan Vassos on The Golden Bachelor. Disney/John Fleenor

Joan joined Bachelor Nation in 2023 as a contestant on Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor. While she was unlucky in love then, she’s confident about her upcoming journey. “I believe in the process,” she recently told CNN. “If it ends up in engagement, that’s great. If it ends up in, ‘you and I are going to get to know each other better in the outside world,’ that’s perfect also.”

Joan’s Golden Rule

Speaking to CNN, Joan also said she’s “honored” to have been selected as the show’s lead, but the Golden Bachelorette made one thing clear: She’ll “never leave my family” for a man.

“They are the most important people in the world to me obviously, and I would expect that to be the same for the person that I end up with,” she told the outlet. “Family is so important to me, that would have to be a key part of their personality.”