Joe Jonas Sent A Drink To Nathan Fielder & Got This Odd Food In Return

“Did you say what the Hellmann?”

Joe Jonas Sent Nathan Fielder A Drink & Got Mayonnaise In Return
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After Joe Jonas spotted Nathan Fielder at dinner, the comedian “mayo-ed” his day. On Nov. 4, the Jonas Brother shared one of his “storytime” videos on Instagram, detailing a hilarious unexpected encounter with the Nathan For You star.

According to Jonas, he was having dinner at the Italian restaurant Donna’s in Los Angeles and noticed Fielder sitting at a nearby table. Being a huge fan of the comedian, Jonas decided that he wanted to send him a drink.

“I asked the waiter if we could send something over, and he said, ‘You have good taste,’ which made me feel good about loving all things Nathan Fielder,” he recalled.

An Unexpected Gesture

It’s unclear whether or not Fielder appreciated the gesture, given what he gave Jonas in return. “He sent back as a thank you, mayonnaise,” Jonas revealed, in a deadpan voice.

To prove his bizarre story was legitimate, Jonas provided a picture of said mayonnaise at the end of his video. “Thank you Nathan!!” he captioned the photo.

The mayonnaise that Nathan Fielder sent to Joe Jonas. Instagram / Joe Jonas

“A Very Nathan Fielder Thing To Do”

Naturally, fans had a lot of fun with this story and made puns galore in Jonas’ comment section. “Did you say what the Hellmann?” one fan quipped, with another asking, “Wonder if he thought, ‘Wow Joe Jonas is at the same restaurant as me.’”

Other fans noted that giving mayo was “a very Nathan Fielder thing to do,” with one joking, “You got Nathan’d.”

A Cursed Show Is Coming

Among Fielder’s latest projects is the 2022 HBO docuseries The Rehearsal, in which he helped people get ready for real-life situations like marriage proposals or contesting a will. He set up a literal rehearsal for the people to prepare for life’s trivial moments, complete with elaborate sets and actual actors.

Fielder can be seen next in his upcoming Showtime series The Curse, which he also co-created along with Benny Safdie.

The comedian stars alongside Emma Stone as a newly married couple who host their own HGTV-style house-flipping show. However, unlike on HGTV, their show becomes “cursed” after he gives $100 to a young girl on-camera and then retracts it.