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Jonathan Bailey Reveals The Challenges Of Filming Bridgerton Season 3

He’s been busy.

Jonathan Bailey attends Netflix's 'Bridgerton' Season 3 world premiere.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For Jonathan Bailey, filming Bridgerton Season 3 was particularly challenging.

The actor, who plays Anthony Bridgerton in the Netflix drama, recently appeared in Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’ series with Naomi Watts. During their conversation, Bailey revealed he was working on Bridgerton, Fellow Travelers, and Wicked at the same time.

“The gymnastics of that, I cannot believe it,” Watts said of his packed filming schedule. “So you were shooting in different countries — not just different sets — with different accents.”

Although his itinerary felt “fine at the time,” Bailey said his changing hairstyles was the most difficult part of working on three projects simultaneously. “I had a perm for Bridgerton, and they were straightening my hair for Tim [in Fellow Travelers],” he explained.

“Oh, my God! How do you even have any hair left? Did it not fall out?” Watts asked, to which Bailey replied, “I went on holiday, and my hair looked like coral — as in, it was underwater, just floating around. There were moments where [doing all these shows] meshed together in a kooky way.”

As for how he managed such a busy schedule: “There’s something to be said for just free-falling,” he told Watts. “Not having enough time, and just going on instincts.”

Jonathan Bailey in Netflix’s Bridgerton. Liam Daniel/NETFLIX

This is the latest time Bailey has talked about filming Bridgerton Season 3. In November 2023, he appeared on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM radio show and discussed juggling the three projects, particularly what his schedule looked like after wrapping Fellow Travelers, which follows the decades-long romance of two men during the 1980s AIDs crisis.

“I finished that day, went straight to the airport, slept for about 4 hours, got picked up from Heathrow, went straight to a Regency ball, got my hair curled. And then I stayed there for two days,” he said. “Then on the last day, I went to the Oz Dust ball and I danced with Ari [Ariana Grande]. ... I didn’t have a day off.”