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Lana Condor Just Revealed If She Thinks Lara Jean & Peter Actually End Up Together

Are they really endgame?

Overbrook Entertainment/Netflix

After three films as Netflix’s reigning romantic comedy queen, Lana Condor is hanging up the letters — or rather, handing them to her character Lara Jean Covey's boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky. The To All the Boys franchise’s final installment, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, is streaming now. Warning, spoilers ahead.

The third film centers on couple Lara Jean and Peter (Noah Centineo) trying to figure out how they're going to make their relationship work after their high school graduation. Peter, who's already committed to Stanford for lacrosse, assumes that Lara Jean will join him there in the fall. All of that changes, however, when Lara Jean gets the heartbreaking news that she was rejected from the university — and now needs to make contingency plans that give her the college experience she wants while also keeping her relationship intact.

Now that she’s wrapping up several years in such career-defining role, you’d think Condor would paint a rosy picture of where her character and Centineo’s Peter go from here. But she’s a realist. “I think they’re going to try really, really hard. But I do think that something Lara Jean has learned growing up is that life gets in the way of your plans all the time,” she tells Bustle. “Part of me feels like they’ll separate so that they can grow as individual people and then find each other at 30 when they’re out of college and they’ve done a lot of growing. What I think would be so cool is to see [them] as adults falling in love. They’re endgame. They’re that high school couple that ends up getting married and having a beautiful, adventurous life.”

Would Condor do a movie in a decade about Lara Jean and Peter falling back in love in their thirties? Much like the franchise, she leaves the future open-ended: She simply smiles.