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Leslie From Love Island Used To Work At A Circus

And everything else to know about the new Casa Amor arrival.

by Erica Campbell
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Love Island US Season 3 contestant Leslie Golden, a new arrival from Casa Amor.

Love Island has always been fraught with twists and challenges, but there is no bigger shakeup than Casa Amor. Just as the contestants are getting comfortable in their current couples, the men and women are separated for several days while a new group of Islanders test their loyalties. Some emerge stronger, others stray, lots of drama ensues.

In Season 3 of Love Island US, one of the new arrivals attempting to woo the men is 24-year-old Leslie Golden, who announced that she’d be joining the show with a recent Instagram post assumedly uploaded by a friend or family member. “I’m sure you’ve noticed Leslie has been MIA and finally we can announce why…” reads the caption of a photo of Golden in a very Love Island-esque bikini. “Leslie will be joining the @loveislandusa villa!!!!”

Here’s everything to know about the new Islander.

Leslie Is Active On Instagram & Other Social Media

The Red Water, Texas native boasts a massive social media following, with over 460,000 followers on Instagram, 800,000 followers on TikTok, and 11,000 followers on Twitter (though she uses the latter pretty infrequently).

Leslie also has a YouTube channel where she’s posted a handful of vlogs and an OnlyFans page. Additionally, she posts exclusive content on her personal website, where fans can get access to “private, never-before-seen and behind-the-scenes content” with a subscription.

Leslie Had A Job At The Circus

Like many Islanders, Leslie is model, but her earlier Instagram posts reveal that she’s also a pretty skilled cheerleader and used to work at a circus. Alongside a photo showcasing her acrobatic skills as she floats above a crowd, she wrote, “I met a little girl at the water park yesterday and she asked me where I worked. I told her I was in the circus. She told me ‘that’s not a good job, you should quit and work at McDonald’s and give me free happy meals.’ And I just know she’s gonna go places.”

Leslie Is Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind

Leslie isn’t shy about her opinions, which could be an indication of what her fellow Love Island co-stars can expect from her. In a recent TikTok, she called out people who say things like “you ruined your body with tattoos.” And she’s also taken to Twitter to share her thoughts on wasting energy on the wrong people. “Treat your energy like your job. Would you work for free? No. So why are you wasting all of this energy on people and things that don’t serve you?” she wrote. Godspeed to any man who tries to waste Leslie’s time.

What Leslie Is Looking For

Perhaps hinting at her impending Love Island appearance, Leslie recently posted some TikTok videos about what she’s looking for in a romantic partner — namely, someone who’s financially and emotionally dependent on themselves, though knowing how to cook is a bonus. Will someone in the villa fit that bill? Time will tell.

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