Everything We Know About A Possible Life & Beth Season 2

The Hulu series is inspired by Amy Schumer’s own life experiences.

Beth (Amy Schumer) and John (Michael Cera) in 'Life & Beth' Season 1 via Hulu's press site
Jeong Park/Hulu

Amy Schumer got the idea for her new Hulu dramedy Life & Beth while she and her husband Chris Fischer were restoring a 1790s farm her family once owned and lost. “While I was pregnant [in 2019], we were up there, and I had time to think and slow down and daydream,” Schumer told Entertainment Weekly in February. “Being in that place where my parents had gotten married, I started writing this story. It just hit me. It felt like something I had to get out.”

Schumer drew plenty of inspiration from her own life while creating and playing the titular character, a successful 39-year-old New York City wine distributor whose life takes a major turn that prompts her to rediscover herself on, yes, a farm. “[The show is] based on themes from my life, but there is stuff that Beth does that really happened,” Schumer, whose middle name is Beth, continued. “There’s an episode where she flashes some boys. That happened to me. And Episode 9 has a dark moment that’s real.”

Through flashbacks to her teen self, Beth begins to learn how she became who she is — and who she wants to become — by learning to express herself and build a “bigger, bolder and more authentic life.” Ultimately, Schumer said the show is about releasing shame and fear. “Because of these early traumas, we arm ourselves, and it's about letting go and trusting and how to let yourself figure out how to be happy,” she told EW.

Though Hulu has yet to renew Life & Beth for Season 2, Schumer clearly has a wealth of other experiences to draw upon — and still has all her teen journals to jog her memory, if need be. Given the positive early reviews, along with a first-look deal Schumer has with Hulu, it’s likely the series will be back. Here’s everything else to know while you wait for an announcement.

The Life & Beth Season 2 Premiere Date

After Hulu ordered the first 10 episodes in July 2019, Life & Beth began filming in New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley in spring 2021 and wrapped production on July 16, per Schumer’s Instagram. The season eventually debuted eight months later on March 18, 2022. Depending on behind-the-scenes decisions, there’s still plenty of time for Life & Beth to return for a potential Season 2 in early 2023.

The Life & Beth Season 2 Cast

Joining Schumer in the Life & Beth Season 1 cast are Michael Cera (John), Laura Benanti (Jane), Susannah Flood (Ann), Violet Young (young Beth), Yamaneika Saunders (Kiana), Kevin Kane (Matt), and Michael Rapaport (Leonard). Hulu has yet to confirm any Season 2 casting, but all of the original cast members are likely to return, in addition to possible new additions and guest stars. This post will be updated as more details become available.