Made In Chelsea’s Liv & Tristan Are Hard To Keep Up With

The reality TV couple has documented their ups and downs on camera.

by Sophie McEvoy
Liv Bentley and Tristan Phipps of 'Made In Chelsea'

After many breakups and make-ups, Made in Chelsea's Olivia [Liv] Bentley and Tristan Phipps officially got back together on Aug. 15, 2022. Now that they are in a much better place, the pair is optimistic that it will stick this time. "When we decided to get back together this time, we knew we'd be in it for the long haul," Liv told OK! magazine. "It just felt like the right time for us. We're living together on our own terms now, so it's been a lot more exciting." Now that Liv and Tristan are an item once again, why not take a look at their relationship timeline on and off camera?

Summer 2020: Lockdown of Love

After being dumped by Verity Bowditch during the first lockdown in April 2020, a newly single Tristan shared "a drunken kiss" with Liv while quarantining with other MIC cast members in a country house over the summer. Verity soon found out about the intimate moment and confronted the pair during an episode which aired in mid-October 2020.

Tristan soon made a move on Liv during her birthday party, where they shared their first official kiss on camera. The pair then shared an open and honest conversation about how their friendship had quickly turned romantic. "The fact that you're sat there, you're my friend, but I also quite want to kiss you is a bit…," Tristan pondered, to which Liv simply replied: "You can."

November 2020: Making Things Official

When the pair returned to London after spending time together in the countryside, they weren't entirely sure where they stood. "We seem to have lost something that could have been lovely," Tristan said on-camera, during a tense exchange after Liv decided to go on a date with Will Higginson.

However, between the time of filming and the episode being aired, all was well again. Tristan seemingly confirmed his relationship with Liv on Instagram in November 2020, posting a series of rather intimate snaps marking his birthday.

December 2020: Seeing In The New Year Together

Liv showcased their relationship was still going strong when she shared Tristan's collage of birthday photos at the beginning of December 2020, while her beau posted one of the photos from that collection on Dec. 14. She also shared a picture of the duo ringing in the New Year together.

Meanwhile, as Season 20 of MIC came to a close, it provided more insight into the fallout of that argument, as well as Tristan buying Liv a bracelet with the word "crumbs" engraved on it. This was also when they became officially exclusive and went so far as to "bubble up" together for the second lockdown.

On Jan. 31, 2021, Liv posted an intimate and poignant photo of her and Tristan with a simple "🤍" in the caption.

February & March 2021: More Instagram PDA

On Valentine's Day 2021, Tristan shared a snap of the pair cuddling up close whilst on holiday. The following month, Liv posted a sweet couple’s collage on her Instagram profile.

April 2021: Liv Speaks Out

Liv opened up about her journey from friendship to relationship with Tristan during an interview with Grazia on April 4.

Speaking of that heated argument in front of Ollie and Sam, she recalled how it was "the first one we had surrounded by everyone." As for why their relationship initially fizzled out, she said it was down to a lack of communication. "Instead of talking about it with each other, we sort of drifted apart," she said. "I would go and talk to my friends and try and get some sort of resolution which made it worse."

Being together the majority of the time also put a strain on their relationship. "Because of lockdown, Tristan and I have either been living together, or not seeing each other at all," she explained. "It was very up and down, but I think it made it a lot harder having in a relationship in front of all our friends because it was just very intense."

June 2021: It’s All Over

On June 27, 2021, Liv announced on her Instagram Stories that she and Tristan had broken up. The TV personality added that she "would greatly appreciate if people didn't feel the need to tell me what he's getting up to," adding that it was "none of my business but also don't feel like I need to hear about it."

September 2021: Back Together

Following a summer apart, Liv and Tristan were back together and "happier than ever" come early September. Tristan shared a snap on his Insta Stories of him and Liv in a pool on holiday confirming the news, as OK! reported at the time. A rep for Tristan told the magazine that "after taking some time apart Tristan and Liv are back together and happier and stronger than ever."

This was also the month that MIC Season 22 began, which would go on to feature some pretty dramatic moments between Liv and Tristan following their break-up in June.

October 2021: Post-Breakup

While Liv and Tristan were back together in real-time, the drama of their breakup was only just beginning on MIC. During one scene, they decided to meet up and talk through their issues, which quickly became very heated — especially when Tristan asked for Liv’s permission to date Nicole Berry. "This is going to bite me in the ass," Liv told Tristan. "Date her, please date her. You may as well rip the band aid off now."

November 2021: Liv & Nicole Confront Tristan

Nicole eventually came to know Tristan's "player behaviour,” so she and Liv decided to tag team together and confront Tristan by asking him who the "side piece" was.

August 2022: Liv & Tristan Clear The Air

Made In Chelsea: Mallorca began on Aug. 22, 2022, but the drama officially started a few days prior after Liv shared a cryptic post of her and Tristan sitting pretty comfortably together on a swinging chair. On the same day, OK! magazine published an exclusive interview with the pair, where they confirmed they were an item once again. "All it took was a drunken night in Raffles and a lap dance and we were back together," Liv joked.

As Tristan explained, he was on a date in a club, "and then Liv walked in with her friends." He hadn't seen her in person for quite sometime, and his feelings for her came flooding back. "I just thought to myself, 'Oh, f*ck, I'm still in love with her," Tristan said.

The feeling was mutual, and it seems they're both now in it for the long haul. "It would take a serious amount of arguing to break us up now — even if there's always an abundance of laundry around our flat, or I leave my hair clips everywhere. I can't imagine not waking up with him every morning," Liv said.