Sarah Miller Tries To Convince Couples To Tie The Knot On Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage

The new reality show forces couples to choose between their dream day or dream home.

Sarah Miller on Marriage or Mortgage via the Netflix press site

So much for having it all. Netflix’s new reality show forces couples to choose between buying a new house or having their dream wedding. Marriage or Mortgage is hosted by Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes, a wedding planner and real estate agent respectively. Throughout each episode, the two battle it out to try to convince the featured couple to go with a wedding or a new house — but only one can win.

At first glance, it seems like wedding planner Sarah Miller is kind of at a disadvantage. When faced with the choice between spending thousands on one fun day or putting down forever roots, surely everyone would choose the latter, right? Not so. Miller is actually a very convincing advocate for weddings, mostly because she understands that couples don’t want to blow their full savings on one evening. “I’m not in this industry to make people make bad decisions and go broke or in debt,” Miller told The Washington Post. “The people who come to me, we try to expand their budget as best as possible and really kind of help them and guide them in the direction so they’re not going over their means.”

Sounds pretty good, right? It did for some of the show’s couples, as well as the people Miller works with every day on their own dream ceremonies.

Sarah Miller Has A Successful Wedding Planning Business

“Large, opulent celebrations are our jam,” Miller’s website states. Miller’s planning business, Southern Vine & Co., promises to take care of all the couple’s desires for their big day. This includes wedding design, planning, budget and logistics, and vendor procurement. Her team also travels outside of the Tennessee area, for those getting married elsewhere. But Southern Vine & Co. isn’t just a wedding planning business.

Miller Plans All Kinds of Events & Even Decorates Houses

According to her website, Miller is also in the business of planning galas, holiday parties, company events, and other milestone celebrations. So even if you’re not getting married, you can still work with Miller on an event — or perhaps just on perfecting your home. Although Miller’s Marriage or Mortgage co-host Nichole Holmes is touted as the one with all the real estate knowledge, Miller’s business also deals in interior design.

If you hire Miller for that area of expertise, she’ll help you with everything from choosing furniture to getting custom cabinetry. Maybe Netflix should look into an HGTV-style spinoff of Marriage or Mortgage where Holmes and Miller just help people find and furnish their homes.

Miller’s Instagram Shows Off Her Personal Life & Business

Miller uses Instagram as both a personal and professional tool. Her followers will see lots of photos from the weddings and other events that she plans, of course. But she also shares selfies, pictures of her dogs, and family photos. Here she is skiing with her husband and two kids.

Miller told TODAY that she had to make her own marriage or mortgage decision when she and her now-husband were just getting started in their lives. Guess which one she picked? “I’m more of a traditionalist,” she said. “I really do believe that marriage is a big deal. It should come first. I was offered the same thing when I got married 10 years ago and I chose the wedding. We've taken the steps from then to purchase a house and have kids. Houses come and go, but a wedding is supposed to be one time.”

She wants to bring that “one time” to life for the couples on Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage.