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Meet The Five New Women Still Set To Join Matt's Bachelor Season

A trailer teases more contestants are joining midway through the show.

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After Matt James was announced as the Bachelor, the show received a record number of applications — so many, in fact, that there are five new Bachelor contestants still set to arrive later on in the season. "Everything is about to change," host Chris Harrison tells Matt in a season preview before introducing him to a brand new group of women hoping to sweep him off his feet.

The other women, naturally, don't take kindly to the new additions. "We have known Matt for weeks now," one contestant says in the preview before "Queen" Victoria asks with characteristic bluntness, "Who are the f*ck are these random ass hoes coming into the house?"

But it's not just the new ladies who appear to throw everyone for a loop; Heather Martin, who appeared on Colton's season of The Bachelor, turns up unannounced at the resort to attempt to win Matt's heart as well. "Heather, what are you doing here?" Harrison asks. "You could honestly destroy this whole thing for Matt." Despite the "impossible situation," Heather declares that Matt's "worth it," which seems to imply that she's willing to fight just as hard as everyone else for his final rose.

Here are the other five women set to shake up the season.

Brittany Galvin

The 23-year-old model appears to be one of the main targets for the rest of the contestants when she arrives at the chateau, especially after she tells them that the producers "wanted to save the best for last." It seems like the drama will take a toll on Brittany too, as she is also seen tearfully telling someone that a big bombshell could "ruin my entire life" if it gets exposed.

Catalina Morales

After winning Miss Universe Puerto Rico in 2015, Catalina decided to pursue a career in law and now works as an attorney. According to her Instagram bio, she bounces between New York, Florida and Puerto Rico, and somehow found time to write a book, host a TV segment for a Puerto Rican television series, and travel the world in between all of the pageants and court dates.

Kim Li

Though the show lists her occupation as a "travel blogger" — with an incredibly appropriate Instagram handle — 28-year-old Kim is also a registered nurse. She's been documenting her experience working through the coronavirus pandemic on social media and answered questions about the testing process in her Stories. Kim also describes herself as a "professional dumpling" in her Instagram bio and has a killer sense of style.

Ryan Claytor

The 26-year-old dancer is the first new face in the preview, where she declares that Matt "look[s] so good" after stepping out of the limo. Her comfort in front of the camera makes sense, because because before The Bachelor, Ryan appeared as a dancer on the FX show Pose and has danced for various companies in the New York area.

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