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Bachelor Nation Is Not Happy With Clayton’s Final Rose Ceremony Confession

“Whoever I pick, I love the most,” the Bachelor told a contestant.

During The Bachelor finale, Clayton Echard confessed to Gabby and Rachel that he was in love and int...
ABC/Craig Sjodin

All season, via different permutations of teasers, Bachelor Nation was promised a Bachelor “rose ceremony from hell,” and during the March 14 episode, the show finally delivered. After Susie Evans left last week following Clayton Echard’s confession that he slept with the other contestants and was also in love with them, the Bachelor decided to also come clean with the other two contestants and tell them...the exact same thing (because the first time went so well).

Clayton was seen dissecting the situation with host Jesse Palmer right before the ceremony. The current Bachelor said he was “completely just blindsided by Susie,” explaining, “She told me multiple times, ‘I want you to explore the other relationships fully.’” He added that her reaction to him revealing that he loves all of them “just shattered me and my trust.”

So, he resolved to tell the remaining contestants the truth, seemingly as a test of sorts. He said, “If they were to stick it out, that’s a testament to the love that we have.” During the rose ceremony, Clayton started on an ominous note. “The person who’s standing in front of you now isn’t the person you were last with,” he began, adding, “As you can see, Susie’s not here. I’m kinda shattered into pieces at the moment.”

“I didn’t want to go about it this way, but because it became a deal-breaker, like, I don’t want that to be a deal-breaker with us,” he said. Continuing with the “hard part,” he added, “I was in love with her, but I am in love with both of you. And I also was intimate with both of you.” As expected, the two women stormed off to cry and process Clayton’s unsavory news. In turn, Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Twitter users also couldn’t help but give advice to the women, particularly, for them to “Run.” While some users felt for them, even pointing out that their “sobbing shrieks” echoed. “Gabby had gone dead behind the eyes,” user Katieemazz wrote.

After they had time to cry and talk it out with Clayton, they proceeded with the rose ceremony. Rachel was given the first rose, which she accepted. But when Gabby was handed the next, she declined and asked Clayton to walk her out.

Gabby was poised to leave, but after their conversation, Clayton managed to convince her to stay. “Gabby, ur smarter than that why tf did you stay,” a frustrated viewer asked on Twitter.

After Gabby accepted Clayton’s rose, she was the first to meet his family. Lucky for Clayton, the meeting went better than planned despite his mom’s worries that Gabby was the “consolation prize.”