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Gabby's "Morning" Hair Is A Bachelor Fantasy Suite Power Move

Was it mind games, or did she just not have a brush?

by Kadin Burnett
Gabby Windey, and Clayton Echard at a rose ceremony on 'The Bachelor.'
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor is a game, and to win a game, you need to employ a strategy. Look no further than Gabby Windey. It’s fantasy suites week, which means Bachelor Clayton Echard had to navigate the strenuous task of potentially sleeping with three people without upsetting any of them. Now, despite trying to pivot toward sex-positivity in previous seasons, The Bachelor can be a bit puritanical, dancing around the fact that two people clearly just had sex. Gabby, however, did away with all that vagueness when she resurfaced after her night with Clayton, sporting some very obvious “bed head.”

Given how much the Bachelor franchise likes to focus on physical beauty, it’s a bit farfetched to believe that there wasn’t a production assistant with a spare hairbrush. But that just makes Gabby’s decision to enter the room with bed head all the more iconic. For an entire season now, the show has been teasing the idea of how taboo it would be for Clayton to spend the night with all three of his contestants, and Gabby’s disheveled hair all but confirmed that he’d at least been intimate with one.

Twitter clocked the power move almost immediately.

Viewers also spotted Susie’s discomfort when she noticed the state of Gabby’s hair.

Some thought that Gabby wasn’t the mastermind behind the move and that it was, in fact, production being all kinds of messy.

Only time will tell if the move works out for her, but based on the trailer for this season, nothing seems to work out for anyone.