Miley Cyrus' "Three Way" Joke To Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Landed

The singer suggested more than a duet.

by Mary Kate McGrath
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Forget the duet: On Saturday, Miley Cyrus suggested a "three way" to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello after the musical couple posted a video on TikTok of their rendition of her 2009 hit "The Climb." Mendes posted the original video on the platform, showing the two harmonizing over an instrumental version of Cyrus' track.

Cyrus was clearly on board with their cover, commenting on the TikTok video, "let's have a three way." While the comment was definitely suggestive, the singer later added another comment that dialed it back a bit. "A three part harmony obviously Shawn. You filthy animal," she wrote. Either way, fans hoped Cyrus, whose latest album Plastic Hearts dropped in November, was really setting the stage for future collaborations with the talented couple.

The "Midnight Sky" singer was active on TikTok amid promotion for Plastic Hearts in early December, participating in a recent challenge where fans posted "If Miley Cyrus comments, I'll do X." She hopped in the comments for a bunch of the posts, urging one fan to dye their hair and ask out their crush. One fan asked the singer to name her next child, to which Cyrus replied, "California." Another user offered to get a tattoo of whatever Cyrus commented, and the singer jokingly responded, "Yes. I've worn the Golden G String."

Cyrus continued to offer advice to fans on TikTok, replying "D.U.M.P H.I.M" to one user who wrote, "If Miley Cyrus Comments I'll stop texting Him." Another fan offered, "If miley Cyrus comments I'll shave my head." The singer signed off on the haircut, writing, "PULL A BANGERZ MILEY."

Meanwhile, Mendes and Cabello have been using TikTok often as well, sharing videos of them singing, dancing, and enjoying time together as a couple. On Saturday, Mendes posted a TikTok of Cabello freestyle singing, captioning it, "Us after watching singer TikTok for 1 hour." In early December, Mendes posted another TikTok of the couple's apartment decked out for Christmas, showing off a gift for Cabello and teasing their cover of "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole. He also posted a sweet selfie with Cabello on TikTok on Dec. 4, writing, "#Wonder."

Cabello and Mendes were longtime friends before getting together in 2019, and seem to still be going strong. Cabello posted about her relationship with Mendes on Instagram in November, writing, "Raise your glass to the messiness and weirdness of being human and the miracle. And the easiness. And the instinct. And the relentless force that is love."

Now, if they could channel that into a song with Cyrus, fans would be overjoyed.