This TH2H Contestant Calls Himself An “International Playboy”

Meet Nathan, a model from Cape Town.

by Sophie McEvoy
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Nathan from 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3

The third season of Too Hot To Handle is in full swing, and the drama has only just begun. As the nine contestants get used to the prospect of no sexual contact and abiding by Lana’s rules, it’s only time until paradise becomes less like a holiday and more like a romantically-charged challenge. One star that is bound to stray from the rules is Nathan, who has already described himself as “Lana’s most wanted” in his Insta bio.

It seems that the prize pot of $200,000 isn’t going to stay that way for long with Nathan around, so here’s everything you need to know about the contestant and what he’ll bring to this season of Too Hot To Handle.

What Is Nathan’s Job?

24-year-old Nathan is a model and business student from South Africa. Dubbed Cape Town’s “most notorious party animal” by Netflix, Nathan also describes himself as an “international playboy” who (apparently) has no time for the single life.

Nathan’s Social Media

Nathan is very active on Instagram, with a whopping 36k followers keeping track of his adventures as a model. Obviously, a lot of content from Nathan’s shoots make their way onto his timeline, as do some envious pics from sunny destinations across the globe.

It seems that Nathan is (unsurprisingly) very physically active, with photos of the model on pre and post-workout making their way onto his account as well.

What Else Is There To Know About Nathan?

With high energy levels and a short attention span, Nathan will definitely be one to watch in the villa. There’s no telling what he’ll get up to with potential romances, especially since his “fun-loving, free spirit [...] can talk any girl into his bed,” according to Netflix. Although, Nathan himself has said he’s a “very picky boy”, with that probably being the reason why he’s still single.

But being on a show like Too Hot To Handle, Nathan certainly won’t be single for long. With the other eight contestants in the villa alongside him, there will be plenty of opportunity for the model to charm his way into another girls heart – just maybe not a bed thanks to Too Hot To Handle’s virtual assistant Lana. If Nathan sticks to the rules along with the other contestants, they may just walk away with a shared prize pot of $200,000.

Too Hot To Handle Season 3 is available to stream on Netflix.

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