Reese Witherspoon Tidies Up In Netflix’s Get Organized With The Home Edit Trailer

Finally, a peek inside Witherspoon's closet!

Reese Witherspoon tidies up in Netflix's 'Get Organized With The Home Edit' Trailer
Courtesy of Netflix

Marie Kondo taught the world about the life-changing benefits of having less stuff, but if that process didn't spark joy for you, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are here with a new tactic: teaching you how to organize all of that stuff instead. In the first trailer for Netflix's Get Organized with the Home Edit, the bestselling authors and social media stars visit the homes of celebrities and regular people alike to help them get their lives in order one junk drawer at a time. The eight episode first season, premiering Sep. 9, will feature Reese Witherspoon, Khloé Kardashian, Retta, and more stars welcoming the Home Edit team inside their homes in hopes of reclaiming their space from clutter.

While the prospect of peeking inside Witherspoon's closet is a highlight — if you look closely, you can spy some Legally Blonde outfits in the trailer — Shearer and Teplin devote an equal amount of time to helping regular people revamp and declutter their homes. Netflix's official synopsis for the series reveals the team will travel all around the United States, from California to Tennessee, with each episode featuring both a celebrity and a civilian in need of their magic organizational touch. The show's ultimate goal is to showcase "the influential duo's unique form-meets-function approach providing inspiration to every aspirational organizer."

Everyone in the trailer appears to be eager to have Shearer and Teplin's help, but no one's excitement quite matches that of Witherspoon and Kardashian. For her part, the Legally Blonde star gushes, "This is my dream, dream, dream project that you guys would come and help me organize." Meanwhile, Kardashian is straight up proposing marriage. "I should marry them, what am I waiting on?" she jokes.

The mix of organization with feel good home makeovers makes Get Organized with the Home Edit the perfect show for anyone missing Queer Eye or Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. In addition to the sheer joy that comes from being treated to celebrity house tours, the show also aims to share practical advice that viewers can apply to their own homes. First order of business: label everything. As the duo says in the trailer, "labels are magic."

Prepare to feel the urge to purchase your very own label maker when the reality series' first season premieres Sep. 9 on Netflix.