43 Clever Products On Amazon That Make Your Home Look 10 Times More Organized

by Danelle A. Sandoval and Ileana Morales Valentine

When it comes to organizing your home, it's common to feel either one of two ways: eagerly excited or completely overwhelmed. For me, it's usually a mix of both. However, after scouring the internet and looking for ways to ease my angst, I've learned that there are so many clever products on Amazon to help achieve a well-organized living space.

For example, ever wonder how to get all your electronic chargers in one place without tangling? What about finding a solution for the plastic food storage lids falling over each other in the corner of your kitchen shelves? Lucky for you, Amazon is full of hidden gems to help eliminate this sort of clutter. Plus, since nearly everything on this list is under $50, it's an even better feeling knowing these products won't put a huge dent in your wallet.

Whether your home is big or small, getting organized can help you relax and make it easier to enjoy your space. And although it may seem like a daunting task, getting tidy can be simple, efficient, and stress-free.

Here's a list of amazing products on Amazon to help you organize with ease and confidence.


A Compact Handbag Hanger That Holds 6 Purses

This closet tool will change the way you see (and pick out) your handbags. Get them off the floor or save space on a shelf with a hook handbag hanger for easy access to up to your purses, scarves, ties, or belts on six hooks. It's compact and fits in any closet. Plus, you don't have to install a thing.


The Shower Caddy That Keeps Things Clean And Tidy

A solid shower caddy is essential for keeping all your bath necessities at hand, but one that hangs over basically any shower door instead of the shower head might just be a game changer; since it keeps your items out of the shower head's stream. This one is made of rust-resistant steel and comes in bronze or chrome. The hooks easily store loofahs, poufs, or razors, and adjustable shelves allow for a custom fit of everything else.


A Scarf Hanger For Display And Storage That Barely Takes Up Any Room

The best way to hang scarves, ties, or belts is with a loop scarf hanger. Your scarves won't snag on one of the 18 loops, and the compact hanger fits onto a closet rod or hook while maximizing space. Made of chrome-finished steel, this scarf hanger will last a long time. Reviewers love this practical solution to storing scarves because it also displays them in an attractive and accessible way.


A Sleek Dispenser To End Grocery Bag Clutter

If you find yourself accumulating grocery bags, corral them into this wall-mountable grocery bag dispenser. It's easy to install with either screws or adhesive tape (both included) and holds up to 30 plastic grocery bags; reviewers report it holds reusable grocery bags, too. This thing can attach to a wall, cabinet, or shelf — wherever it ends up, this stainless steel dispenser looks good.


A Mop And Broom Organizer With More Than 6,000 Reviews

Maybe you didn't know you needed a mop and broom holder, but you definitely do. For less than $20, this sturdy broom organizer gets your cleaning supplies off the floor and secured neatly onto a wall. Shoppers with small closets or garages especially love this pick; you can also hang this in a mudroom, closet, or anywhere you keep your brooms. This space saver holds up to five brooms or mops and shoppers love the bonus hooks for hanging smaller items.


A Set Of Dividers To Maintain Tidy Closet Shelves

The key to keeping closet shelves tidy is to use the best shelf dividers. These shelf dividers simply slide onto your solid closet shelf with an adjustable fit for a secure hold. There's nothing to assemble or install. Use this set with tall, foot-long walls to keep sweaters, towels, linens, jeans, t-shirts, purses, and more in their place. They're heavy duty and long-lasting thanks to the durable polymer fabric and steel construction.


A Vacuum Storage Bag That Reduces The Size Of A Fluffy Comforter By 80%

Need to store big items with minimal room for them? Look no further than the Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags to maximize closet space with waterproof bags that reduce the volume of items by up to 80%. Their vacuum seal is airtight with a double-zip seal and triple-seal turbo valve to keep out mildew, dust, bugs, and odors. Choose from several different sizes, including the jumbo, which stores four pillows or a queen-size comforter. Shoppers use them at home to store extra bedding, seasonal clothing, or even while traveling to create more room in their luggage; it comes with a free travel pump.


The Best Mesh Pocket Shower Organizer To Hold All The Things

Not enough storage for all your toiletries? Try a mesh pocket shower organizer for neatly storing all of your shampoo bottles and personal care items. The eight fine mesh pockets set this one apart from other organizers; they're more durable, sturdy, and keep their shape better. The three over-the-door hooks with grommets won't rust. This pick is compact and lightweight enough to use at home, in a dorm, or when traveling or camping.


A Space-Saving Nespresso Organizer For Your Pods And Coffee Machine

This highly-rated Nespresso organizer brilliantly stores their Vertuoline capsules in a drawer, creating a shelf for storing your machine, making a perfectly compact coffee corner in your home. Reviewers love how this pick saves space compared while looking good on a counter.


A Really Cute Leaning Ladder Rack For Blankets Or Towels

A leaning ladder rack is a great way to store and display blankets, towels, or clothing. This YAMAZAKI steel ladder in a modern, streamlined design is especially cute and it suits any room. Choose from black or white to match your home's decor. Putting the ladder together takes just 15 minutes, and some shoppers like it so much they have two.


A Set Of Durable Hangers That Create Lots Of Extra Hanging Room In Your Closet

If you need to create hanging room in your closet, here's a set of space-saving hanger you can use two ways. Each hanger can be set on a closet rod horizontally or vertically for a cascading effect that maximizes hanging space. One set holds 50 items, which means each heavy-duty hanger is sturdy enough to hold five items. Seriously, the poles are reinforced and the ABS plastic can bear heavy weight. Shoppers report these are much more durable than others they've tried.


A Hanging Jewelry Organizer With 80 Pockets

Jewelry enthusiasts and crafty people absolutely need this hanging pocket organizer. With 80 pockets, this organizer keeps your collection easily accessible with clear PVC windows and individual vinyl pockets to protect your jewelry pieces. It's dual-sided to maximize space with a removable, heavy-duty aluminum hanger. Choose from seven different back panel colors including coffee, black, grey, and pink. Plus for extra security, there are zippered pocket options.


A Highly-Rated Hanging Shoe Organizer With More Than 5,000 Reviews

A hanging shoe organizer is an easy way to create space for your favorite shoes, and shoppers love the high quality of this pick for storing shoes and more. Some even use this thing for travel, like when space is tight on a cruise, or for storing cleaning supplies. Clear pockets allow you to see everything, and it can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. Choose from grey, brown, or pink to match your space. One reviewer loves the well-made pockets for keeping her shoes off the floor.


A Sturdy Set Of Packing Cubes To Change The Way You Travel

Once you use packing cubes, you can't go back to filling a suitcase without one. This set of compression packing cubes will keep you organized while traveling and maximize space in your luggage. Each set includes three packing cubes of varying sizes, three laundry pouches, and a bonus shoe bag. There are eight color options, including rose red, wine, grey, and dark blue, so you can choose a color for each member of your family to sort items quickly. The water-resistant bags are made of thick, durable nylon that is lightweight and foldable for storing when not in use.


A Full-Length Mirror With A Jewelry Armoire That Lights Up

If you're serious about your #OOTD and have lots of jewelry to store, consider this mirrored jewelry armoire that mounts to a wall or hangs over a door. The full-length mirror opens a hidden organizer with LED lights for clearly viewing your collection. Here's what's inside: a large ring cushion, a bracelet rod, two bottom drawers, five shelves, 32 necklace hooks, 48 stud earring holes and 90 slots for earrings. It's available in white, grey, or brown. One reviewer, who bought this organizer for her daughter, is eyeing one for herself and said it's the best thing she has bought on Amazon.


A Simple Way To Keep Your Pans Organized

Here's how you end the kitchen clutter with your pans: get the SimpleHouseware Pan and Pot Lid Organizer. It organizes up to five pans and pot lids, and can be used in several ways. You install it vertically or horizontally for a custom fit inside a kitchen cabinet.


Tame The Clutter Your Makeup Brushes Create

"This is by far the best travel makeup case that I own," says one reviewer, who like several others, raves about the quality of this sturdy makeup brush organizer. It comes in black, pink, or gold and can hold up to 20 makeup brushes and accessories with zippered closure. An adjustable strap makes it easy to carry, and a removable mesh pouch in the center of the bag is a nice touch for quickly grabbing makeup essentials on the go.


A Cabinet Door Organizer That Makes Storing Cutting Boards Much Easier

Looking for a better way to store cutting boards or baking sheets? Try a cabinet door organizer, which can be mounted inside a cabinet door or wall (or hung over a cabinet door). Sorting through boards and sheet pans will be much quicker with one of these steel organizers in place, and you can also use it in a pantry or bathroom for storage. One shopper describes it well: "Simple, functional, and sturdy."


A Stackable Storage Organizer With Drawers

The trick to maximizing storage space while organizing is to take advantage of vertical space, like with this stackable basket organizer that slides for access to your goods. With two sliding drawers and a top shelf, this organizer is perfect for a kitchen (try it under the sink), bathroom, or pantry. The metal baskets lift out with comfortable handles for carrying to other areas, and the whole thing is assembled quickly without the use of power tools. Buy two and stack them for even more space.


A Hanging-Shelf Closet Organizer That's Better Than The One You've Had

This fabric closet organizer is similar to ones you've seen or used, but with a couple key design choices that make it better. By stretching the shelves wider rather than longer, shoppers notice it doesn't sagging like previous vertical organizers. And a rod at the bottom of this hanging organizer adds even more hanging space for clothes and accessories. Reviewers especially love this pick for maximizing small closet spaces, like those in college dorms, or creating easy-to-reach shelves for their children with four large compartments.


A Large Makeup Organizer You Can Stack To Fit Your Space

With a place for everything, this large makeup organizer will keep your makeup (or jewelry) neater and easier to find. Available in black, clear, or purple, the four sections hold 12 drawers and a top section with 16 compartments for storing items like makeup brushes, perfumes, nail polishes, and lipsticks. These stackable sections allow for some customization, and they're all easy to clean and durable.


Long-Term Vacuum-Sealed Storage For Your Closet That's Great For Seasonal Clothes

Store seasonal jackets or suits in these TAILI Hanging Vacuum Space Saver Bags have two sizes to save space and protect your clothes. The zipper changes from light to dark to indicate at a glance if the bag is correctly sealed for airtight protection from water, mildew, insects, odors, dirt, and dust. A "double-zip seal and one-way suction valve" maintain the seal and compression for long-term storage right in your closet. Use any vacuum cleaner to seal. One reviewer loved these for storing bulkier coats while making her closet space more accessible.


The Organizer You Didn't Know You Needed For Your Phone Charger

Here's a set of little organizers that will clear up clutter throughout your home or office. These black cord organizers keep charging cords and cables neat by holding them in place. No more searching under the bed for your phone charger! And you can also use them to store pens or toothbrushes even. Just peel and stick the set of 16 cable organizers almost anywhere.


A Utensil Tray That Takes Up Less Than Half The Space Of Traditional Organizers

Everyone needs a utensil organizer, and the stacked design of this one is excellent for creating much more space in your drawer. The DrawerStore Cutlery Tray holds forks, knives, and spoons (even those smaller ones for salads and desserts!) while taking up less than half the space of other utensil trays. Need more room for specialty items? Choose the larger size tray for utensils and gadgets.


A Baker's Rack For Expanding Your Small Kitchen

If your tiny kitchen is tight on room, create some functional space with this heavy-duty baker's rack made of chrome-plated steel. With four hooks and four shelves, including a removable wooden board for display, extra storage, or a cutting board, this baker's rack is like adding a kitchen island to your space. Feel free to load it up with heavy appliances, cookbooks, pans, jars, or other baking accessories since it can hold up to 270 pounds. One reviewer found this baker's rack to be more functional and easier to assemble than another $300 rack she ended up returning.


A Slim Organizer For Creating Storage From Unused Space

Do you have a sliver of space on the side of your kitchen counter or fridge? Or maybe in your laundry room? This slim, tiered shelving unit turns unused small space into smart storage to use up every square foot in your home. The wheels make it easy to roll out the unit for access, and there are four-and five-tier versions for even more storage. Shoppers love using it in kitchens, bathroom, laundry rooms, and pantries.


This Organizer That Will Keep All Your Electronics Tangle-Free

This waterproof multi-compartment electrics organizer is a great tool for traveling and generally keeping all of your USB plugs, chargers, and other devices in one place. On top of having 18 various loops and over six meshed compartments, this product also has space to store an iPad mini or Kindle. This organizer comes in a wide range of colors, like melon, leaf green, and a classic grey, and sizes to fit your needs.


An Elegant Jewelry Box That's Lined With Soft Velvet

If you have to constantly detangle your necklaces from your hoop earrings, this synthetic leather jewelry box is an amazing solution. Not only does it have four pull out drawers, it also has two cabinets that swing out to store necklaces and dangling earrings. It even has a watch box equipped with four pouches for safekeeping.


This Rolling Cart That Can Easily Store Items Under Your Bed

This rolling under bed cart is a great way to get the most out of your space and create extra room. Discreet and easily rollable, you can fit blankets, pillows, or even sweaters that would otherwise clutter other parts of your home. It's an amazing organizer to own when you have limited storage and need an easy solution.


A Shelf Basket That Creates Extra Storage And Is Super Easy To Install

Need extra space in your refrigerator? How about in your laundry room? This iSPECLE under shelf basket can easily create more space in different parts of your home while keeping your items organized and secure. Easily attachable to almost any shelf, this basket can hold extra towels, food cans, toiletries and even lightweight dishes.


This 5-Piece Organizer Set That's Perfect For Your Desk And Only $24

This desk organizer set comes with five pieces including a cup holder, a letter tray, and a sticky note holder. On top of a sleek and sturdy design, it won't scratch your space because of its rounded edges at the bottom and top rim. Having a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, it also has over 300 reviews with one reviewer who said, "Very sturdy, strong and good looking. I would buy this set again!"


These Food Storage Containers That Are BPA-Free And Shatterproof

Ideal for snacks and other dry foods, this seven-piece food storage container set is air-tight and made out of BPA-free material. They're also super durable and won't shatter when dropped. Easily openable (and closable) with two fingers, these containers also come with 24 reusable labels to help stay organized.


A Handy Purse Organizer That's Sleek And Affordable

With over 1,200 reviews on Amazon, this insertable purse organizer has developed a bit of a cult following. Available in various colors, like light coffee, washed grey, and wine, and sizes, this insert is made out of lightweight, durable, and super soft felt. It comes with a total of 13 pockets, 10 on the inside and three on the outside, with a bonus detachable key chain.


This Over-The-Door-Organizer That's Multi-Purpose And Under $15

If you need a little bit more closet space, this over-the-door organizer can go over any door or mount on any wall. It's useful for various items including accessories, towelettes, and beauty products. It comes with a total of four pockets that are large and clear so that you can find exactly what you need with ease.


A $7 Hanger Organizer That Stores All Your Caps In One Place

For hat lovers, this cap organizing hanger is an amazing find. Instead of hanging all your caps on multiple hooks or storing them in a big bag in your closet, this hanger easily hangs up to 10 of them. With durable stainless steel hooks, they won't rust or create marks on your hat from pinching.


This Can Rack That's Easily Stackable And Quick To Assemble

For utmost space in your kitchen or pantry, this stackable can rack can fit up to 36 cans or jars. Because of its six adjustable dividers, you can also store cans of various sizes. It can be easily assembled in one minute. If you need more storage, you can buy multiple racks to stack on top of each other.


These Versatile Closet Hangers That Can Be Used For Skirts, Jeans, And Even Boots

To save closet space and achieve the most room, these heavy-duty skirt hangers can actually hang all different types of bottoms and even boots. Made with strong welding and anti-rust material, these hangers come with clips that are non-slip and easily stackable. In case you need more, there is also a 20-pack available.


This 4-Piece Underwear Drawer That Easily Organizes Socks And Lingerie

While separating socks from bras may seem almost impossible in drawers, this set of four underwear organizers has different sections to keep your items in place. Designed with a seven-cell section for bras, eight-cell section for underwear, a six-cell section for scarves and ties, and a 24-cell section for socks, this drawer is made of fabric that won't accumulate mold over time. You can even choose your drawer from seven different colors, like beige, light or dark grey, turquoise, and more.


A Sturdy Bedside Tray Than Can Hold Up To 15 Pounds

For those who want to find an alternative to a typical nightstand, this floating bedside shelf is a great option. Made out of bamboo that's both eco-friendly and hand-crafted, this shelf is built to last and can hold up to 15 pounds with two charging slots. With over 1,200 reviews and almost 5 stars on Amazon, one reviewer even said, "This one can hold lots of weight. This one is built to last. So happy with my purchase."


This BPA-Free Container Lid Organizer That's Easy-To-Clean

While container lids may contribute to the clutter in your pantry, this container lid organizer makes it easy to keep your lids stacked in one place and thus easy to find. With different sections for different sized lids, you can conveniently place lids that vary in shape and size. Easy to set-up, this organizer is also BPA-free and easily cleanable.


This Charging Station That Organizes Up To 5 Different Electronic Devices

Keeping your devices organized is made easy with this charging station dock from NEXGADGET. It's able to charge multiple devices and store five charging cables in its box, keeping your cables tangle-free. It's also made out of 100% durable and natural bamboo and comes with five charging cables.


A Travel-Friendly Toiletry Bag That's Only $13

Equipped with multiple pockets, this hanging toiletry bag can store all different kinds of items including hair brushes, soap, and toothpaste. With wide openings, you can easily grab what you need quickly without putting other items out of place. Available in many different colors, it's also waterproof and designed with sturdy zippers. If you travel often, you can easily grab this bag and hook on to any door or rod.

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