What's New To Netflix The Week Of August 31

Including a new rom-com starring Rachael Leigh Cook.

Hilary Swank in 'Away' on Netflix

MGM Studios

Casino Royale

Since you're still unable to watch Daniel Craig's swan song as James Bond in No Time to Die — the coronavirus pandemic pushed the film's release from April to November — you should instead stream Craig's first run in the role, which also happens to be the best Bond movie ever. (In my humble opinion.)

Coming Aug. 31

Universal Pictures

Back To The Future

With the present looking worse and worse every day, why not go for a little time-travel escapism with this classic blockbuster franchise? The entire trilogy is hitting Netflix, so you can follow Marty and Doc's adventures in 1955, 1885, and the far-off future of 2015.

Coming Sept. 1