How To Celebrate 'BTTF' Day Like Marty McFly

by Kristie Rohwedder

It's a story as old as time (or, like, 1985): On October 26, 1985, three noble time travelers climbed into a DeLorean DMC-12, scrounged up 1.21 gigawatts of power, and made the quick trek to October 21, 2015. Does that date seem particularly relevant today? Because it should: According to the Gregorian calendar tacked to my kitchen wall, today is the day Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Jennifer met their future selves. Today is October, 21, 2015. Our present is Back to the Future Part II ’s future. I know, right? Man, this is heavy. (Why are things so heavy in the future? Did Doc Brown figure that one out yet?)

Now, BTTF Part II’s 2015 is not quite the 2015 you or I know (for starters, thanks to weather control technology, Hill Valley, Calif. doesn't have to worry about a little thing like a drought), but that doesn't make October 21, 2015 any less important or special. With or without flying cars, Back to the Future Day is a day worth celebrating. So, celebrate Back to the Future Day is exactly what I will do.

My plan: I will go back to the past’s version of the future. I will channel 1985-Marty-McFly-visiting-2015 as best as I can. I will attempt to bring BTTF Part II's 2015 to real world 2015.

How, you ask? Here are the BTTF Part II things I will do today:

Wear An Auto-Drying Jacket

In BTTF Part II, Marty sports a sporty, auto-drying jacket. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a jacket like Marty's at my local shopping mall. (BTTF Part II 2015 style > IRL 2015 style.)

But do you know what I did find? This little beauty:

Does it look more Back to the Future than Back to the Future Part II? Yeah. I'll give you that. But check this out:

And this:

"Water-repellent," "auto-drying"; "tomato," "tomato."

Drink Pepsi Perfect

To commemorate the big BTTF Part II day, a limited amount of Pepsi Perfect will be available for purchase online as of Oct. 21, 2015. For just $20 a pop (I cannot resist a low-hanging pun), you can sip soda from a bottle that looks just like the BTTF Part II Pepsi Perfect bottle.

However, if I were to order a bottle of Pepsi Perfect on Oct. 21, 2015, the soda wouldn’t arrive on my doorstep in time for Back to the Future Day. So, regular Pepsi will have to do. But hey, I’m not complaining:

This Pepsi is not Pepsi Perfect, but it sure is perfect in my eyes.

Freak Out At A 3-D Billboard For Jaws 19

Let's cut right to the chase: billboards in the year 2015 are way less cool than the billboards in BTTF Part II.

Sadly, I will not be attacked by a bonkers-amazing 3-D Jaws 19 billboard on Oct. 21. What will I do instead? The most 2k15 thing I can think of: watch the fictional Jaws 19 trailer on YouTube.

And then, I will do something even more 2k15: fall down a YouTube rabbit hole. I will spend a chunk of my evening watching Jaws clips online.


I've never been attacked by a bonkers-amazing 3-D Jaws 19 billboard, but I'm confident this is the face I would make if I was attacked by a bonkers-amazing 3-D Jaws 19 billboard.

Stumble Upon An Old Sports Almanac From The Future

In BTTF Part II, Marty McFly watches 2004 film The Butterfly Effect.

And by "Marty McFly watches 2004 film The Butterfly Effect," I mean "Marty McFly's universe is turned upside down by a sports almanac from the future/the butterfly effect."

I will check out the sports almanac to end all sports almanacs: Wikipedia.

Well, well, well. What have we here? Every World Series winner ever? Who wants to travel back in time and butterfly effect some stuff up?

Send A Fax

I love this scene:

Did 2k15 Marty's boss just send a fax via webcam? Technology is the best. Man, the future is crazy, am I right?

This scene will inspire me to send someone a "YOU'RE FIRED" fax. There's one small problem: I don't have a fax machine.

I will be thiiiiiiiiis close to hopping in my car, driving to the FedEx store, and forking over money to use a machine (oh, what a thrill that errand would've been!), but then, a thought will strike: I wonder if anyone I know has a fax machine in this day and age? I will ask around until I finally find someone who has a fax/printer/copier in their home office. And then, I will ask that person if I can use their fax machine. And then, I will pay the home office fax machine a visit.

Marty McFly's boss asked a webcam to send a fax, eh? Two can play at this game! I will ask a non-fax machine to send a fax, too.

This request will confuse sweet Siri.

Try again, Siri.

I know we can make this work, Siri.

I won't give up on us, Siri.

Oops, I will give up. I will decide to just send the fax myself.

Aaaaand that’s when it will hit me: I don’t know any fax machine numbers. Who am I going to fax? I can't just send "YOU'RE FIRED" to a random number. I don't want to ruin that person's day.

So much for that. I will doff my invisible cap to the fax machine, thank it for its time, and bid it good night.

Take A Hoverboard For A Spin

Remember the hoverboards in BTTF Part II?

Of course you do. Well, chew on this morsel: Hoverboards exist in 2015.

I do not have a hoverboard. I am bummed about it. But do you know what I do have? A boogie board. Let's see if the water-repellant vest's magic rubs off on the boogie board, eh?

I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish my boogie board would turn into a hoverboard tonight.

Please hover, boogie board. Just one time. Come on. It'd be one small hover for a boogie board, but one giant hover for board kind.

The verdict: Boogie boards are not hoverboards.

Happy Back to the Future Day. May the Pepsi Perfect flow freely, the webcam fax machines beep loudly, and the hoverboards take us to a place where we don't need roads.

Images: Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (16)