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Nigella Lawson Is Back With A New Show Just In Time For 2nd Lockdown

Comfort food is exactly what we need right about now.

BBC/Jay Brookes

Does it really feel like the start of the cosy, cold months without chef Nigella Lawson smizing down our TV screens while cooking up a naughty, decadent feast? Well, everyone’s fave fairy foodmother has come to save our palettes just in time for a second lockdown, with her new cooking show Nigella, Cook, Eat, Repeat headed to BBC Two.

"Cook, Eat, Repeat" is a mantra the UK has probably come to know all too well over 2020. With restaurants closing again and Eat Out To Help Out a distant (and somewhat controversial) memory, Nigella Lawson gives us some much-needed and exciting recipe ideas in her new six-part series.

Speaking about Cook, Eat, Repeat , Lawson explains that the show's concept pre-dates the pandemic, but will still resonate with audiences now. “I think we all learnt over lockdown that thinking about what to eat, cooking it, sitting down to what we’ve cooked, really gave a focus to our lives that we were grateful for,” she said in a statement sent to Bustle UK.

More than anything, Cook, Eat, Repeat is a celebration. “The series is also a passion project, delving into the ingredients I love, the recipes I always return to, and the pleasure of cooking and eating.”

In episode one, Lawson digs into a recipe she finds on Twitter, whips up a bhorta (a dish made from fried and mashed potatoes), and dishes up a slow-cooked lamb shanks with spicy fermented gochujang chilli paste, followed by a gooey chocolate tahini pudding.

The show will be adhering to strict COVID-secure measures. Lawson explains: “I think we were all grateful for the strict list of safety regulations, even though it, of course, made an impact on how we filmed.”

“At its heart, it’s a celebration of the power of food to transform every single day,” she added.

We all need some comfort food right about now – and what better person to deliver it?

Nigella, Cook, Eat, Repeat starts November 9, on BBC 2 at 8 p.m.