FBoy Island's Niko Seriously Jeopardized His Relationship With Louise

The Chicagoan defended the wrong person on the island.

Niko dancing with Mia on 'FBoy Island'
Ramon Naquid/HBO Max

Despite your best efforts, sometimes you just can’t take back something awful you said. That’s a lesson that Niko from Season 2 of FBoy Island had to learn the hard way. The show follows three women as they attempt to date 24 men, made up of nice guys and fboys. It’s a high-stakes dating show with a $100,00 prize, so the pressure is on the leads and their suitors to win. But sometimes that pressure of navigating a competition can be too much, which is exactly what happened to contestant Niko Pilalis.

Niko’s Job

Coming from Chicago, Illinois, Niko is a medical device salesman. The 29-year-old shared some more information about himself in his show bio, where he revealed that loves Crossfit, golf, and his church. He mentioned he volunteers at Beat the Street Chicago, which appears to be an organization that attempts to empower, support, and uplift the youth of the Windy City through the sport of wrestling.

Niko’s Instagram

His Instagram is proof of his wanderlust. On his page, he has saved stories of his trips to Tulum, Kenya, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Cabo, and Tanzania, as well as Phuket, Jamaica, Barcelona, and Ibiza. He’s clearly a fan of dressing up, often donning bold suits, loud bright outfits, leprechaun costumes, and Christmas pajamas. Also, being from Chicago, Niko is a fan of the Chicago Bulls and proudly supports his city’s basketball team from its home stadium. He also appeared to have stayed in touch with his cast members and posted several photos of himself living it up alongside his fellow FBoy Island contestants. He’s also active on TikTok, though it’s mostly made up of clips from his time on FBoy Island, as well as skits he performed with his cast mates.

Why Did Niko Get Eliminated?

Niko’s time was cut short after he got caught in a scandal that ultimately rubbed Louise, one of the leads, the wrong way. Things began to spiral in Episode 4 after Louise began flirting with Kyland, and the two had a steamy date in a hot tub. after which Kyland returned to the house and referred to Louise as a kissing booth. Louise confronted Niko about Kyland’s statements, looking for the truth, but Niko opted to defend Kyland.

To no one’s surprise, Kyland was outed as a fboy, and it was revealed that he had a girlfriend back home. Niko spent most of Episode 5 trying to apologize to Louise and admit that his friendship and defense of Kyland were inappropriate. Louise told cameras that she got an odd vibe from Niko, which didn’t help the storm of controversy he was already trying to navigate. With no recourse left, Niko was eliminated.