Everything To Know About Jared From FBoy Island

He’s a Miami-based fitness model who loves picnics.

by Kadin Burnett
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'FBoy Island' contestant Jared Motley

HBO Max’s FBoy Island starts out like your typical dating show: three women arrive on a beach hoping to find love with one of the awaiting suitors. Except it’s not just about finding the right connection — they also have to decipher which half of their 24 men are self-proclaimed “nice guys” genuinely looking for a relationship, and which half are “Fboys” only on the show for their chance at the $100,00 prize.

One of the men putting the women’s intuition to the test is Jared Motley, a 27-year-old Miami resident who’s no stranger to the beach. Here’s everything else to know about the fitness enthusiast.

Jared Is A Former Football Player

Though he currently lives in Miami, Jared originally grew up in Okemos, Michigan and attended Saginaw Valley State University, where he played defensive back on their football team. Athleticism and fitness are still clearly important to him, as a quick scroll through his Instagram shows.

“What would it mean for you to reach the fruition of your fitness goals? How would that feel? What does that look like for you? And another question: Have you even considered it?” Jared captioned a 2019 Instagram photo overlaid with the words “Excuses are useless while results are priceless.” “I am here to tell you that nothing can hold back strong will, determination, execution and follow through.”

Jared Is A Fitness Influencer

Jared works as both a fitness coach and brand ambassador, most recently representing Goat Fuel energy drinks. In between the many shirtless gym and track pics he posts to Instagram, Jared also shows off his love for Miami, including some of the city’s spectacular views and a photo of him wearing a Heat jersey.

Beyond his Instagram, Jared has a modeling profile that lists him as a fitness and fashion model. His reel includes several intense sequences of cardio and bodyweight work, along with some fierce glares directly at the camera.

Jared’s Approach To FBoy Island

Jared’s FBoy Island bio paints a sensitive picture of him. He describes his ideal partner as someone who “communicates well” and has “a kind heart.” He also likes a woman who will “wear their heart on their sleeves.” Lastly, he says his dream date is a “picnic on the beach with wine and fruit.”

All of this points to him being a nice guy, but his behavior in the FBoy Island trailer suggests the opposite. He’s one of the first men we see, standing proudly in the sun while he flexes his bicep to crack an egg. Later, a frustrated Jared skulks near the pool, amped up and clearly agitated. Whether he’s just having an off moment or something bigger is going on, expect to see him at the center of drama.

FBoy Island premieres on July 29.

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