Everything We Know About A Potential Queer Eye Germany Season 2

It’s one of two planned spinoffs for Queer Eye.

 Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke, David Jakobs, Ayan Yuruk, Leni Bolt, Aljosha Muttardi from 'Queer Eye Ger...
Netflix / Thomas Schenk

Queer Eye Germany proves that self-love is a universal language. Though the Netflix spinoff features a new Fab Five — Leni Bolt (life), David Jakobs (beauty), Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke (fashion), Aljosha Muttardi (health), and Ayan Yuruk (design) — the makeovers they provide to everyday heroes are just as heartwarming and inspirational as in the original series. By leaning into the tried-and-true formula that helped Queer Eye U.S. land six seasons (plus three standalone specials), the show has already sparked positive feedback, leaving viewers hoping to see more in a possible second season.

Though Netflix has yet to renew Queer Eye Germany for Season 2, early reviews are promising. “It’s so bloody lovely, and as with the U.S. version, it is hard to watch without getting choked up,” Rebecca Nicholson wrote for The Guardian. “Every episode takes the same blueprint and spins it into individual strands of gold. ... It is so heartwarming and so human and decent. Feelgood TV travels well, no matter what language it is in. And as they say in Germany: go, girl!”

Meanwhile, Adam Lock from Ready Set Cut called Queer Eye Germany an “emotional and enriching” series on which the “transformations are always great” and the subjects are genuine and deserving. He, too, “shed the odd tear” amid “lots of hugging and finger-clicking” from the Fab Five as they delivered “motivational mantras and plenty of innuendoes.” Lock added that while the original Queer Eye is hard to beat, “this European addition makes a valiant effort.”

Here’s everything to know about a possible Queer Eye Germany Season 2 as you await an official announcement.

The Queer Eye Germany Season 2 Premiere Date

The success of Queer Eye’s first international offshoot could shape the future of other spinoffs, including the forthcoming Queer Eye Brazil, which Netflix first announced in late 2020. That said, the German installment is largely in uncharted territory. If the show follows a similar release schedule as the U.S. version, which typically drops two seasons per year (plus interim specials), fans could expect to see more of the German Fab Five in late 2022.

The Queer Eye Germany Season 2 Cast

Should Netflix renew Queer Eye Germany for a second season, Leni, Jan-Henrik, David, Aljosha, and Ayan will assumedly all return to lend more expertise in their respective fields. As always, a new hero’s inspiring transformation will also be featured in each episode. Among the topics covered in Season 1 were a young soccer coach’s coming out story, a single father re-entering the dating world, and a “shaken” young woman’s journey to finally enjoying life.

This post will be updated as more details become available.