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RHOSLC Star Jennie Nguyen's Husband Knows How To Pose For A Thirst Trap

Lisa Barlow "recommended" Jennie and Duy Tran join Season 2.

by Candace Cordelia Smith
Duy Tran appears on Season 2 of 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.'

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jennie Nguyen appears to have it all: a loving family, a fabulous wardrobe, and an enviable home in the mountains. The stay-at-home mom of three may be busy keeping up with her domestic duties and new life as a Bravolebrity, but thankfully she has her husband Duy Tran to help keep her grounded.

In the Season 2 premiere of RHOSLC, the newest cast member, Duy, and their children (Atlas, Triton, and Karlyn) were introduced to viewers. Jennie shared her incredible story about immigrating to America from Vietnam with her family on a boat when she was seven years old. But it was her meet-cute tale about Duy and what she said at the time about his looks that really caught people’s attention.

She recalled, “When I first met my husband, I was like, ‘Damn, you have a nice body from the neck down.’ From the neck up, I was like, you know, it was OK.” Jennie went on to confess that she didn’t tell him at the time and was smitten nonetheless. Fans were shocked by her revelation, but Jennie tweeted that she apologized to her “wonderful husband.” “My husband did not take offense to my comment,” she further explained to a fan on Twitter. “He knew I was joking. He actually thought it was funny, but I do understand your point of view.”

Still, there’s more to Duy Tran aside from being Jennie’s husband and the subject of their now-famous courtship anecdote. Here’s everything you should know about him.

Duy Tran’s Job

Duy is a very successful chiropractor with his own practice in Utah called HealthQuest Chiropractic. The company’s website states he’s “known throughout the world” for his treatment of countless patients, including “world-class & Olympic athletes, medical providers, celebrities, and working-class people” for the past 28 years. He’s also appeared on local morning show Good Things Utah as their resident Health Advisor and was a Bio-Mechanics and Physics in Motion professor at the University of Utah.

Duy Tran’s Instagram

Jennie is very transparent when it comes to her love for Duy, and the pictures on her Instagram show what appears to be a rock-solid bond between the two. In an interview with Salt Lake Magazine, Jennie said that Duy “is very supportive.” “I just want people to see our lifestyle, our family, and we want to do it together,” she added.

Duy, who recently created his own Instagram account in September, posted a sweet photo of him and Jennie posing for the camera. “Happy [camel emoji] day everything,” the caption read. There are also two pictures of the medical professional’s rock-hard abs, in case you wanted to see the “from the neck down” body that’s kept Jennie invested after all these years.

Duy & Jennie’s Family

Duy is eager to have more children. Jennie, on the other hand, is against the idea. Jennie told E! News that the topic of adding to their existing brood has been an “ongoing issue that we’ve been having for many, many years. It has not been resolved.” She added, “So you just have to watch and see if we have a solution for it or if we’re dealing with it right now.”

The Season 2 trailer of RHOSLC shows a moment where Duy even proposes that the couple get a sister wife to help solve the matter, to which Jennie responds with an “I’m pissed.” It looks as though fans will have to keep watching the season to see what comes of this disconnect in Duy and Jennie’s relationship.

Duy & Jennie’s Friendship With Lisa & John Barlow

Duy and Jennie have been longtime friends of fellow RHOSLC castmembers Lisa Barlow and John Barlow. In fact, Lisa revealed during the Season 2 premiere of the show that she and Jennie had been friends for more than 10 years and were pregnant at the same time. Their sons Atlas and Jack are also best friends and schoolmates. For those who aren’t fully caught up yet, Barlow was the one who “recommended” Jennie as a new RHOSLC cast member.

In March, Jennie posted old pictures of her, Lisa, John and Duy on Instagram with the caption, “A throwback for your Monday! True friends stand the test of time! [red heart emoji].”

The two couples were also snapped together in February as they all enjoyed the grand opening of the Holladay location of Mint Sushi and Tapas in Utah.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.