Meet My Pet

Riverdale's Charles Melton Is In Total Puppy Love With His Adopted Husky

Charles and Neya furever.

It feels like everyone adopted a dog this year — maybe you did, too. With quarantine, WFH, and the crushing uncertainty of the future looming large, the urge to bring a cuddly, happy being into your life is more than understandable. And it’s not just regular folks, either: Celebrities are clinging to their four-legged friends, too.

Enter Riverdale star Charles Melton. At the beginning of quarantine, the teenage dream adopted a husky named Neya. And they didn’t just sit at home, either — instead, the pair took the call for social distancing to the next level and went on a three-month trip into the wilderness, just the two of them. (Check out his IG for truly adorable documentation.)

After finding such a lifelong pal in Neya, Melton also became an advocate for fostering and adopting, even partnering with Purina One to help dogs find their forever homes and distribute pet food to shelters across the country. We caught up with Melton and Neya — still inseparable after all these months — at their home. Melton and Neya have a connection unlike any other, and he practically melts every time he talks about her. Be prepared to be jealous — and if you haven’t already, maybe even consider a puppy pal of your own.

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