Roxanne From The Ultimatum Empowers Women With Her Nipple Pasties Line

The Georgia native joins Season 2 of the Netflix reality show.

Roxanne Kaiser from 'The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On' Season 2, via Netflix's press site
Jackson Petty / Netflix

Before joining The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Season 2, cast member Roxanne Kaiser was rarely on the same page as longtime boyfriend Antonio Mattei. Despite feeling a mutual connection when they first met, the Atlanta-based couple didn’t get together until years later when they reconnected on social media. Since then, they’d been together — on and off — for four years before Antonio, 30, issued the Netflix reality dating experiment’s titular ultimatum to Roxanne, 31, because he believed he needed to apply “that kind of pressure” for her to consider seriously accepting a proposal.

Whereas Antonio knew Roxanne was “wife material” from day one, wedding planning and marriage were the last things on her career-focused mind. Another issue the business owner and CEO faced was wanting her future husband to match her income and entrepreneurial spirit, and Antonio, who worked as a freight broker, said he never felt good enough for her. Plus, he wished Roxanne would show him more attention and affection.

As the couple begins their journey on The Ultimatum, here’s everything else to know about Roxanne.

Roxanne’s Job & Business

Born and raised just outside Atlanta in a mixed Iranian-German household, Roxanne credits her “very strict” parents, who had careers as civil engineers, for her work ethic. After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in supply chain/operations and a minor in entrepreneurship, she began working in IT consulting but realized in January 2020 that her career “wasn’t enough” for her. Thinking back to her time at Georgia Tech, she remembered selling Alibaba nipple pasties in college.

Courtesy of Netflix

“I literally knew immediately that was what I was going to do,” Roxanne told CanvasRebel Magazine in July. “I knew I could make a customized, much higher-quality pasty that had intellectual property rights that tied into a brand that stood for women empowerment and women confidence. That night, I went to bed and the name ‘PastedNip’ literally came to mind out of nowhere — because what better name than PastedNip? Pasties are used to cover nipples. When you use our pasties, you are pasting your nips. PastedNip.”

According to the PastedNip website, Roxanne and her co-founder, Audrey, are on a mission “for women to feel confident and sexy — in whatever they have on!” The company’s nipple pasties, which are waterproof and sweat-proof for up to 15 wears, currently retail for $19.95 per pair.

Roxanne’s Instagram

The majority of Roxanne’s recent Instagram posts document her life as a dedicated business owner and “professional Titty Paster.” After The Ultimatum wrapped filming in late 2022, she hasn’t posted any new photos with Antonio — though there are still some on her page — and there are some clues they’re still together. Aside from the fact they still follow each other on Instagram, Antonio’s page is still filled with their couples’ photos. What’s more, he announced in July that he’s officially a business owner now, too, having opened his own Tint World automotive styling center in Georgia. As viewers may recall, that certainly addresses one of the bigger roadblocks leading to a potential engagement.