Sammy From House Of Ho Was Made For Reality TV

She's been prepping for this moment.

Out of anyone in The House of Ho's Ho family, it's Sammy Finch who seems made for reality TV. She's been prepping her Instagram for this moment. Sunny beach pics? Check. Workout videos? Also check. And no need to ask for her skincare routine because it's already posted. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares self-care content. Here's what else to know about the Ho's cousin.

Sammy's Instagram

A scroll through Sammy's Instagram confirms two things: she loves to have fun and ends many captions with the word "b*tches." As of publication, she has almost 51,000 followers, which may partly be due to her close friendship with fitness influencer Nikki Blackketter.

While most of her posts are upbeat, Sammy has also opened up about tragic loss of her mom to cancer last year. When the pandemic prompted social distancing, frequent sanitizing, and masks, she was used to it because her mother went through chemotherapy. "I’m one of the lucky ones who adjusted to a life of sanitation & distancing around 2yrs ago following my mom being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and what followed," she wrote under a May 22 post. "Therefore, I choose to BE CONSIDERATE, STAY HOME when I can, STAY MINDFUL."

Sammy's last YouTube video went up on March 15 — an at-home workout video. In January, she shared a 20-minute vlog announcing her excitement for a "special project" with HBO, which we now know as House of Ho.

Sammy's Job

Sammy just turned 30 and according to LinkedIn, works as head of marketing for her cousin Washington Ho's company, VoltStreet Energy Advisors. Washington's LinkedIn says he founded the "energy consulting, procurement, and management firm" in 2014. A Warner Media press release says the pair are very close, which is why Washington gave Sammy the job. Before long, though, she may be giving up the gig to be a full-time influencer.