I Can’t Stop Thinking About Selling Sunset’s Unsold $75 Million House

Three years after the Oppenheim Group first took it on, the listing remains active (and overpriced).

The $75 Million House On 'Selling Sunset' Lives In My Mind Rent-Free

The most iconic home ever featured on Selling Sunset never even sold.

During Season 2, Oppenheim Group agent Davina Potratz agreed to list a $75 million house — the brokerage’s largest-ever listing at the time. But that high price tag turned out to be a curse: Davina was unable to drum up interest in the Beverly Hills mansion, and it languished on the market for months.

Three years later, not only does the house remain unsold, but the Oppenheim Group seemingly hasn’t given up on it, as the listing remains active on the brokerage’s website. Even more shocking? The $75 million price tag remains intact.

In its last four seasons, the Netflix series has all but forgotten about the $75 million house, and basically stopped following Davina’s business dealings — especially as she briefly left the Oppenheim Group for rival brokerage Douglas Elliman, before returning.

I, however, haven’t forgotten.

Christine Quinn walking through the $75 million house on Selling Sunset. Netflix

Fans watch Selling Sunset to see Los Angeles’ most lavish homes, and Davina’s $75 million mansion is the epitome of that obscene wealth. But the show’s magic isn’t in its excess — it’s in the experience of watching the Oppenheim Group’s cadre of luxury real estate agents fall back down to Earth. And there’s no greater Selling Sunset fall than Davina’s never-ending listing.

The mansion itself is also hardly forgettable, even if it’s not actually worth $75 million. It boasts seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a guesthouse that’s twice the size of my current apartment, and some of the most luxurious features that money can buy.

For more on these features, and other reasons why I can’t stop thinking about this freaking house, keep reading.

The Garage

The luxurious garage in Selling Sunset’s $75 million house. Netflix

Selling Sunset shows off the home’s dramatic entrance with an epic curved staircase, a glamorous living area with portraits of Audrey Hepburn, and a lavish kitchen — all complete with shimmering, purple-tinted finishings. The price may be high, but the design is top-notch.

However, the pièce de résistance might be... the garage. Seriously, it’s larger than most people’s houses and looks like a luxury car dealership in itself. It could also pass as a basketball court if you cleared out the cars, with its deep blue flooring and huge “S” monogram in the center.

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a $75 million house: tacky and obnoxious in the best way.

The Pool & Gardens

The pool and gardens in Selling Sunset’s $75 million house. Netflix

The O Group’s listing also claims this house boasts one of the “biggest and most stunning pools” in Beverly Hills. What it doesn’t emphasize is just how massive the surrounding gardens are: The 15,605-sq. foot house sits on a 1-acre lot, meaning there are nearly 30,000 square feet of lush gardens to frolic around in.

There’s also a pond in the entrance and an “automated awning” that “can control the natural ambient lighting.” Smart House is shaking in her boots.

$75 Million Or Bust!

Christine Quinn meeting Adnan Sen at Selling Sunset’s $75 million house. Netflix

Not only did fans get a peek at the house on Selling Sunset, but they also met the homeowner, real estate developer Adnan Sen, through a series of intense talks with Davina. To say he was intimidating to viewers would be an understatement, and he was particular about everything in the selling process.

Before giving her the listing, he set strict restrictions that she had to follow, like only holding private showings rather than an open house, and of course, not budging on the $75 million price tag.

Even when broker Jason Oppenheim said it should be listed at $60 million, he couldn’t be persuaded. Did he win Most Stubborn in his high school yearbook?

The Listing Wasn’t Real (?)

Davina Potratz on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. Netflix

In June, according to The Tab, Davina posted a TikTok video of her visit to Egypt’s Great Pyramids of Giza, which Netflix’s account commented on. “Lucky girl, this is your year to sell that house! (You know the one),” it quipped.

Davina didn’t take the comment light-heartedly, replying, “Come on now Netflix, you know the house was just a storyline for the show and never really for sale.”

The video appears to be deleted. For its part, the Oppenheim Group still features the home on its website’s listing section.

Davina’s Instagram comment is particularly confusing, given that the agent herself seemed to acknowledge the listing’s legitimacy in a 2020 interview. “[Adnan] is very well aware that the listing is overpriced, but I think he is open to negotiating and potentially working together more,” she told Metro UK.

Of course, as of 2023, the price has yet to budge.