The Selling The OC Filming Timeline Explains This Season 2 Debate

Tyler’s divorce was “still being finalized.”

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Brandi Marshall and Alex Hall from 'Selling the OC' Season 2, via Netflix's press site
Adam Rose/Netflix

Kicking off the Selling the OC Season 2 premiere, Tyler Stanaland revealed that he’d recently begun “going through a public divorce” with Brittany Snow. The legalities were “still being finalized” when filming began, though, setting off a hot debate within the cast on what defines being married versus single. “I wouldn’t touch Tyler’s situation with a 10-foot pole, if I’m being honest,” Brandi Marshall said in the episode, opining that his friendship with their Oppenheim Group co-worker Alex Hall “can sometimes look too friendly.” Later, Tyler fired back at Brandi, “You don’t know my relational timeline.”

To contextualize said timeline, Netflix likely shot those scenes sometime around early February 2023, as Brittany filed for divorce on Jan. 19, about four months after she and Tyler announced their separation in September 2022. Just one day after the Pitch Perfect star filed the legal papers, Tyler and Hall vacationed together in Dubai, according to People. Though the “ink was not dry” on a divorce agreement at the time, as Brandi put it, Polly Brindle was one cast member of the belief that Tyler was single anyway and that he and Hall had done nothing wrong.

That’s perhaps not-so-coincidentally because Polly and Tyler also had their own recent hookup — right at the O Group, no less. Though Kayla Cardona and others vaguely discussed Tyler and Polly making out on the office couch after a drunken sushi outing, Brandi narrowed down the timeline toward the end of the season when rumors surfaced that there was an alleged video of the hookup circulating among the group. “You know that it was a Christmas party and there were tons of people here,” she told Polly, suggesting that the makeout happened in late 2022 — before Brittany filed her and Tyler’s divorce papers.

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After the O Group crew descended upon Cabo in Episode 6, Kayla mentioned that Alexandra Jarvis was “about to get married in two months.” Given that Jarvis’ wedding to businessman Sergio Ducoulombier in Italy took place on April 14, the Mexico trip was likely also filmed in February. That would also suggest that Jarvis got married soon after filming wrapped. The reason? The finale ended with Polly throwing a bash to celebrate her 37th birthday, which falls on April 1.

The Season 2 wrap date might also settle the debate on Tyler’s relationship status while filming — at least from a legal standpoint. According to court documents obtained by People, Tyler and Brittany reached a complete divorce settlement in early July. At the time, the estranged pair, who married in March 2020 and listed Sept. 14, 2022, as their date of separation, was on track to become legally single on Aug. 11, 2023.

Given all the clues about when Selling the OC Season 2 was filmed, that was about five months after cameras stopped rolling.

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