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What A Southern Charm Season 8 Might Look Like

The cast, the drama, the premiere date — everything you need to know.

The cast of Southern Charm via the Bravo press site
John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Another season of Southern Charm drama has come to an end, so will Southern Charm return for Season 8 to continue the chaos? The show has not yet been renewed by Bravo, and it has slipped in the ratings a bit. Season 7's episodes consistently fell under a million viewers, compared to Season 6, which regularly hit over a million. However, if Bravo decides that it's worth it to renew, it could be over a year before we see the cast return.

Usually new seasons of Southern Charm tape in the fall for a spring release. Season 7 didn't follow that timeline, choosing to start production in early 2020, which was then interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. That shifted the season to a summer taping and a fall premiere date. If Bravo wants to reset to the original schedule, production would need to begin later this year for a Spring 2022 air date.

There shouldn't be any major cast changeups unless something happens at the last moment. Ahead of Season 7, three major cast members bowed out — Cameran Eubanks, Naomie Olindo, and Chelsea Meissner. To compensate, Bravo brought on a couple of newbies and promoted Austen Kroll's on-again off-again girlfriend Madison LeCroy to a full time cast member. The current cast should be returning for Season 8, but things are always subject to change. A few months ago, Craig Conover seemed determined to get Cameran back for Season 8. He told Us Weekly, "I know that she enjoyed doing it with us, you know, me and her and Shep [Rose] had been together since the beginning ... but I have a sneaky feeling that I would be able to get her back next year, but we’ll see what happens."

However, Cameran has since published her memoir One Day You'll Thank Me, in which she proclaims that she is "done with reality TV." "My mantra with social media if you are on a reality show: You don't like the heat? Get out of the kitchen. Well, get out of the kitchen is exactly what I did after Season 6," she wrote. "At that point, I had a child and since becoming a mother, my priorities had changed. I also felt like I was at a different place in my life. It was time to move on ... at this point I am enjoying the simpler life without a camera in my face."

Even if he can't get Cameran back, Craig isn't pushing to bring in anyone else instead. He told Us Weekly that he thinks Naomie and Chelsea leaving was the right call. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Naomie is his ex, and filming with her seemed pretty awkward at times.)

In November, Shep revealed that he almost quit alongside everyone else at the start of Season 7 due to social media bullying. "I talked to Cameran and was like, 'I don't think I want to do this anymore,' just because of social media. … It's just hard when people are hammering you … [and] it's hard to block everything out," he told Entertainment Tonight. But he ended up going through with Season 7 — so as long as the trolling doesn't get to him, he will likely be back for another season.

If the show does return, it's already got a lot of drama to address with one cast member. Now that Madison and Austen are off again, there have been rumors that she's been talking to Kristin Cavallari's ex-husband Jay Cutler. Although Andy Cohen can get into the rumors on the reunion, a new season could also dive into the details, as well as any other tea that comes up for the cast over the next year. With a cast this dramatic, there will always be new stories to tell. Bravo just has to decide if it wants to keep telling them.