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Drag Race Queen Symone Is Good Friends With A Season 12 Finalist

Or should we say, "Goode."

Symone on Season 13 of 'Drag Race' via VH1 Press Site

In the Jan. 8 episode of Drag Race, Symone didn't need to hear RuPaul say she has "star quality." She already knew that. But the confidence boost certainly helped propel her to her second consecutive win on Jan. 22. Her standout acting performance in "God Loves Flags" was impressive as is, but she truly clinched the victory when her durag became the billowing cloth behind her on the train-themed runway. Jaw dropped, wig snatched.

Symone, 25, made it to Drag Race because she believed in herself. As she shared with her Season 13 sisters, her first public appearance in drag was at junior prom in conservative Conway, Arkansas. Now, she's the first queen from the state to appear on the show. "All the fear that Reggie (her name out of drag) had, Symone did not," she told the cast.

Symone started doing drag and performing at age 18. Since joining Drag Race, she's been using her platform to reach out to fellow queer people from small towns. "To the young queer babies trapped in those rural parts of the country, thinking you can’t do anything or your dreams are too big," she wrote on Instagram. "Look at this and know that they are not!"

Symone now lives in Los Angeles and is good friends with Season 12 finalist Gigi Goode. You'll find Gigi in the comments section of every one of Symone's posts, hyping her up and supporting her. She even made Symone's towering, twisty entrance look hair, and Symone made sure to repay her by promoting her recent clothing collaboration with Lockwoood51.

"@the_symone is about to TAKE OVAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Gigi wrote on Instagram ahead of the Season 13 premiere. "I knew the SECOND we met that you were destined for the world to see your beauty. So so so insanely proud of you, and I cannot wait to see your journey to stardom!!"

So far, it's off to a pretty great start.