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Worst Roommate Ever Subject Tammy Fritz Is In Prison

Here’s the aftermath of the attempted murder in Episode 3, “Burning Down the House.”

Where Is Tammy Fritz Today? The 'Worst Roommate Ever' Subject Is In Prison

Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever is back with more tales of perilous living situations. The third episode of Season 2, “Burning Down the House,” follows a veteran named James “Bo” Bowden who befriends a fellow soldier named Rich Fritz.

Rich left active duty and died following a rapid illness. His widow, Tammy Fritz, welcomed Bowden to live with her and her young son, Christian, in 2002. But Bowden soon encountered a series of dangerous, mysterious events that ultimately led to Fritz being convicted of attempted murder.

Here’s a recap of what happened and where Fritz is today after Worst Roommate Ever.

A Dangerous Arrangement

In the latest installment of the docuseries (which dropped on June 26), Bowden recalls playing a big-brother role to Christian, who echoes that sentiment in his own interview. “He didn’t put himself first. He put me in his plans a lot,” he says. “He was the closest thing I felt like I had to my dad.”

Outside of their sweet connection, however, the living situation was fraught with several scary incidents. On one occasion, Bowden recalls being unable to move and going to the hospital after having a drink that Fritz made for him. After another night of drinking, he woke up to a house fire.

James “Bo” Bowden in Worst Roommate Ever Season 2.Netflix

Bowden moved to his own place soon after, but kept in touch with the Fritzes until deciding to move from Colorado back home to Alaska in 2009. The weekend before he was set to leave, he answered someone at his door before being knocked out. He was later discovered, bleeding and semi-conscious with several fractures and a traumatic brain injury.

At the same time, Fritz was being investigated for fraud. She was arrested that fall, after which Joyce Fritz (Rich’s mother) discovered Tammy had taken out a life insurance policy in Bowden’s name. It listed Tammy as his beneficiary and significant other, even though the pair were not romantic. She also learned of a taped recording where Tammy’s mother reportedly claimed she tried to arrange Bowden’s murder for hire.

Here’s Where Tammy Fritz Is Today

These findings led authorities to investigate, and Fritz and two friends were ultimately charged in connection with the attempted murder of Bowden, who needed speech and physical therapy after the attack. Fritz, specifically, was convicted of attempted murder, solicitation of attempted murder, and conspiracy to commit murder, per the Colorado Springs Gazette. She was sentenced to 48 years in prison, which she is still serving today.


At the end of Worst Roommate Ever, Christian shares that he is still in touch with his mother from prison, but for his growing family’s safety, he’s wary of having a relationship with her outside of phone calls.

He and Bowden still see each other as family, with Bowden saying being part of Christian’s life is the “best thing” he’s ever done. For Joyce’s part, she says in Worst Roommate Ever that she had a “gut feeling” her daughter-in-law was involved in Rich’s death. However, Fritz has never been charged.