Taylor Lautner Clarifies The Correct Pronunciation Of His Name

And TikTok is “baffled.”

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After starring as the teen wolf heartthrob Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga film series, Taylor Lautner quickly became one of the recognizable names in Hollywood. However, as it turns out, many fans have been saying his name wrong this entire time.

During an appearance on The Unplanned Podcast with Matt & Abby in July 2023, the actor clarified that the correct pronunciation of his surname Lautner is “Lowt-ner,” and took some responsibility for any mispronunciations over the years. “It is my fault nobody knows how it is pronounced because I never corrected anybody for decades,” Lautner explained. “I just never in interviews or anything stopped anyone and said, ‘It's not Lawt-ner, it's Lowt-ner.’”

Speaking in the interview, the Grown Ups star also made clear that his name mispronunciation doesn’t keep him up at night. “I don’t care,” he added. “Laht-ner. Lawt-ner. Lowt-ner. It’s all the same thing.” Fans were quick to voice their surprise at Lautner’s surname revelation, with some joking that their “entire childhood has been a lie.”

“I’m 23 years old and only just finding this out. I’m baffled,” another fan wrote on TikTok, while one user also joked: “Nope, he messed it up because I’ve literally always said ‘Lawt-ner’ and now it’s been so many years I can’t change it.”

This isn’t the first time fans were left open-mouthed over the correct pronunciation of the Twilight star’s moniker. Appearing in a TikTok video for E! News back in 2022, the actor introduced himself as Taylor “Lowt-ner,” leaving many on the platform “shook.”

“Did this man wait until 2022 to tell us how to say his name,” asked one fan on TikTok at the time, while another user also joked: “This man has really been letting people pronounce his name wrong for the last 14 years.”