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The Bear Fans Think Season 3's Funeral Scene Is For This Character

It could connect with a devastating scene in the Season 2 finale.

Carmy on 'The Bear.' Photo via Hulu

After a gilded awards season winning streak, The Bear is heading into Season 3 on a high. Following last season’s bittersweet finale, which saw Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and company’s titular restaurant open but several relationships falter, fans have been thinking and theorizing about the next installment. Will Donna (Jamie Lee Curtis) return? What about other scene-stealing guest stars? And will Carmy find a way to reconcile his professional ambition with his personal life?

There are a few hints about Season 3. White, for example, told Variety there will be more cooking and a “functioning kitchen atmosphere,” now that the restaurant is built. But if you want a bigger picture of what’s to come before the show’s summer return, recent set clues might be able to help you out.

A Family Funeral?

On March 11, Redditor u/BobDucca shared photos of The Bear cast filming outside a church in the Chicago area. It seemed to be a funeral scene, the user noted, as everyone was wearing black attire.

But whose funeral would they be attending? The Bear fans did meet several new characters last season, including the extended Berzatto family. However, several users commented that the most likely person would be Marcus’ mom, who viewers learned more about in Season 2.


As you may recall, seven weeks before The Bear opened, Marcus (Lionel Boyce) went to Denmark to study desserts under pastry chef Luca (Will Poulter), but he was worried about leaving his terminally ill mother at home. He even confided in Sydney (Ayo Edebiri), sharing that he’d been experiencing nightmares about her nurse, Kristy, calling to let him know she’d passed away.

Sadly, that nightmare might have come true in the final moments of Season 2. While Marcus was reflecting on The Bear’s busy opening night, he didn’t notice several missed calls and a text from Kristy on his phone. “Where are you? Please call me,” she wrote. The urgency seemingly suggested that his mom had taken a downturn.

Predicting The Bear Season 3

Unlike other TV funerals, this potential scene didn’t necessarily shock The Bear fans. As one user put it, “we know/assume Marcus’s mom died, so perhaps not a huge spoiler.” Others commented their own support of the theory — pointing to clues such as Marcus’ friend, Chester, being present, or Sydney’s presence (and Natalie’s hair color) confirming the scene wasn’t a flashback.

Boyce recently addressed the fate of his character’s mom during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Emmy Awards. When asked how the cliffhanger might affect Marcus in Season 3, he said that he had to “plead the fifth” because he “know[s] some things” about his character’s journey.