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Phoebe Dynevor’s New Show Is A Huge Departure From Bridgerton, Based On This Trailer

She’ll star opposite Downton Abbey’s Matthew Goode as revolutionary ceramicist Clarice Cliff.

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Phoebe Dynevor in 'Bridgerton'

Sky’s forthcoming original film The Colour Room is inspired by the rise-to-fame true story of legendary ceramic artist Clarice Cliff, who, using her ambition and creativity, helps to break the glass ceiling and revolutionise the 20th-century workplace. The cast of the upcoming release sees the worlds of Downtown Abbey and Bridgerton collide, and if you’re keen to learn more about the upcoming Sky original flick, here’s everything we know so far about The Colour Room.

The Colour Room Release Date

The Colour Room is scheduled to be released in cinemas and on Sky Cinema on Nov. 12. Production on the film began in March, with filming taking place in Stoke-on-Trent and Birmingham, according to Digital Spy.

The Colour Room Plot

Set within the industrial Midlands of the 1920s, The Colour Room is based on the true story of the young and determined factory worker Clarice Cliff. Despite financial setbacks, Cliff’s talent and ambition drive her to move from factory to factory, taking innovative and creative risks that wind up grabbing the attention of her superiors and revolutionising the workplace.

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The film’s official synopsis continues, “With support from Colley and other women in the factory, Clarice fights her way through to design the unprecedented Art Deco ‘Bizarre’ range. In the middle of the Great Depression, she ensures the factory’s survival and her future as one of the greatest Art Deco designers and a household name.”

The Colour Room Trailer

Released on Oct. 11, the trailer of The Colour Room reveals a very different Phoebe Dynevor than the ones fans will remember from Bridgerton. As a determined, working-class woman, her character of Clarice Cliff can be seen taking on the male-heavy workplace and changing ceramics — and the workplace — forever. Watch it in full below.

The Colour Room Cast

Bridgerton’s Dynevor leads the cast of The Colour Room as famed ceramic artist Cliff, as Stylist reports. She stars opposite Matthew Goode, of The Imitation Game and Downton Abbey fame, who will appear as the character Colley Shorter. Joining Dynevor and Goode in the film’s cast are David Morrissey, Darci Shaw, Kerry Fox, and Luke Norris, among others.

In a first look at Dynevor as Cliff, released on April 8, the actor walks along a smoggy road, dressed in a dark overcoat, with a colourful scarf draped around her neck and a full head of curly — and rather messy — red locks.

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The Colour Room is penned by the winner of BAFTA Rocliffe in 2016, Claire Peate. Discussing her latest project, Peate commented, “The story was inspired by a single image; a young factory worker leaving her grim, industrial reality behind her and stepping into the rainbow of the Colour Room — a world of joy and possibility.” She added that she’s “thrilled to now be working with Phoebe and Matthew in bringing The Colour Room to life.”

Elsewhere, the film’s lead, Dynevor, revealed she is “so excited” to be a part of the film, lauding Peate’s “beautifully written” story. “It’s truly such an honour to take on such a remarkable character,” she said. “The script is a beautifully written contemporary take on the 20th century, and I feel proud to be working with such a strong female team, both in front and behind the camera. I look forward to telling Clarice’s story and of course working with Matthew too.”

The Colour Room is set to be released on Nov. 12, 2021.

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