See What Everyone From The 'Dating Around' Season 2 Cast Is Doing Now

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'Dating Around' Season 2 cast member Heather on one of her dates, via the Netflix press site.

In case you forgot how awkward dating can be while in quarantine, the Dating Around Season 2 cast is here to remind you. Just as in Season 1, the show sets up a handful of singles on various dates, at the end of which they're supposed to choose one person to go out with a second time. Unlike Season 1, which was filmed in New York City, Season 2 shifts the action to New Orleans, but the rest of the format is the same.

All of the dates take place at the same restaurant, and the lead dater wears the exact same outfit. This adds to the show's naturalistic style, making the cuts between each date feel like one continuous night and doing aside with the talking head interviews typically employed by reality shows. "This was really just an honest snapshot of what [the dating] experience is like," executive producer Chris Culvenor told Vanity Fair in 2019. "We weren’t trying to create crazy, Champagne-in-the-face reality-show moments, which are so outrageous and unbelievable."

There also aren't any end-of-episode updates about where the daters are now, which Season 1 showrunner Alycia Rossiter told Vulture is because it "feels so unromantic." But if you are curious about what the Season 2 cast is up to, here's where you can follow them on Instagram.


Brandon was scared to put himself back out there after getting his heart broken, but his friends pushed him to try. He seemed to enjoy his Dating Around experience, but a snuggly picture from February with a new man might mean he found love outside of the show.


Heather is a makeup artist and aspiring YouTuber. She runs a second Instagram for her professional artistry, an industry in which she's been working for eight years.


Ben, the University of New Orleans computer science professor, just joined Instagram earlier this week — presumably to promote his Netflix debut. It's clear that he's not totally sure how it works, which makes his captions all the more enjoyable (and adorable) to read.


Deva is an indie R&B artist with an established catalogue. She shares tons of music on Instagram, where she also advocates for the Black Lives Matter movement and self-love.


Demi is the CEO of The Young Workaholic, a side hustle that turned into her branding and consulting agency. She also recently worked on Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour and aims to one day be the Latina version of her.


Justin is still living in New Orleans and loving the extra quality time (and cardio) with his dog during quarantine. Perhaps one of his Dating Around dates have joined them?

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