Where Is Amy Loughren From The Good Nurse Now?

In the decades since stopping Charles Cullen, she’s been focused on family and spiritual healing.

In 'The Good Nurse,' Jessica Chastain plays Amy Loughren, the nurse who stops her serial killer co-w...
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In Netflix’s The Good Nurse, Jessica Chastain plays Amy Loughren, the real-life nurse who helped stop serial killer Charles Cullen from adding to his long list of victims: all patients at the various hospitals he worked at. As viewers see in the film, which premiered Oct. 26, Cullen (played by Eddie Redmayne) used his position as a nurse to secretly murder patients with fatal doses of medications such as insulin and digoxin.

From 1988 to 2003, Cullen killed at least 29 confirmed victims — but journalist Charles Graeber, who wrote the book about the case, has reported that investigators close to the case believe he’s actually killed several hundred. Loughren had befriended Cullen, her co-worker, before realizing what he was doing. Once she did, she worked with authorities to get a confession from Cullen that ultimately led to his conviction.

So, where is Amy Loughren now? The end of the new Netflix film lets viewers know that she lives in Florida with her daughters and grandchildren. It’s also revealed that Loughren got surgery for her cardiomyopathy. As the BBC reports, it was an “experimental” procedure that took place 18 years ago. The outlet adds that Loughren practices complementary medicine, which the National Institutes of Health describe as care that’s “used along with standard medical treatment but is not considered by itself to be standard treatment.”

According to Loughren’s apparent website, she provides workshops, speaking engagements, and spiritual healing resources. On Instagram, she shares photos of her family life — including a sweet snap with her granddaughter, who she took to watch The Good Nurse for her first movie theater outing.

Loughren’s daughters, Alex and Maya, accompanied their mom to The Good Nurse’s London Film Festival premiere. As Loughren told People, Alex, her oldest daughter, played a pivotal role in encouraging her to get involved with the case against Cullen. “I told her, ‘Our lives might completely change. I don’t know if I can do this to you,’” she recalled. “And Alex said, ‘Mom, he’s murdering people.’”

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While promoting the film, Loughren has appeared with Chastain several times — and has nothing but praise for her performance.

“I literally risked everything to make sure [Cullen] was behind bars,” she told the BBC. “And I was showing up every single day and pushing myself every single day no matter how sick I was. I still showed up to be a mom. I still showed up to be a good nurse and watching [Chastain], I could be proud of that character. It opened up a space for me to say: ‘I did good.’”