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The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Filming Locations Span Australia

Fortunately, Sigourney Weaver’s young co-star schooled her on native spiders and snakes.

Alycia Debnam-Carey on 'The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.' Photo via Prime Video
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Based on Holly Ringland’s best-selling novel of the same name, Prime Video’s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart follows a young girl (the titular Alice) to her grandmother’s flower farm after a deadly fire makes her an orphan. Later on, the beautiful Australian farm serves as a backdrop to Alice growing up and learning about her family’s harrowing history. But is Thornfield a real place?

It’s definitely inspired by one, Ringland revealed in a 2018 essay for For example, the Brunswick River in New South Wales influenced the waterway that flows around Thornfield — and the Gold Coast Broadwater, where Ringland herself grew up, became young Alice’s early home by the water. “Remembering the places I’ve lived in, loved, and left behind caused a hunger that went through me, like first love,” Ringland recalled in her essay. “It was blissful, unstoppable agony to write them to life on the page.”

You can feel the author’s passion for her home country in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, which filmed in several locations across New South Wales — especially the Clarence Valley, The Canberra Times reports, adding that the towns of Grafton, Ulmarra, and Yamba all appear in the series.

Further down the coast, the towns of Scone, Picton, and Bargo were “stitched together” to represent Thornfield. Picton has been called “Australia’s most haunted town,” so it definitely fits well with a series about mysterious visions and dark family secrets.

Naturally, traveling to so many different locations across the Australian continent was a major feat. Filming took place over 20 weeks, executive producer Jodi Matterson told the Times.

“Because of our ambition for this series to feel like a sweeping epic that did justice to the expansiveness of the novel — we knew that we were always going to have to shoot in many locations across multiple states,” she explained.

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Shooting on location meant getting close to Australia’s famous wildlife, of course. Fortunately, Sigourney Weaver (who plays June) received guidance from her young co-star, Alyla Browne (who plays young Alice).

“In Australia, there are all these snakes — I mean, there are 10 of the most poisonous snakes in the world!” Weaver told The West Australian. “We even had a guy with a cudgel walking around hitting the earth to keep the snakes away, and Alyla, who’s extremely smart and very much a scientist, would lecture to me on how snakes were not dangerous, and the poisonous spiders were not dangerous.”