Everything To Know About Netflix’s The Mole Season 2

Twelve armchair detectives team up in this rebooted reality show.

Dom Gabriel, Kesi Neblett, Sandy Ronquillo, Greg Shapiro in 'The Mole.'

More than two decades later, The Mole is back. The reality competition series first aired on ABC in 2001 and followed a group of people tasked with working together to increase a pot of money that a final contestant would win. The catch was that one of them was designated “the Mole” by producers, and that person’s goal was to sabotage all their efforts. At the end of each episode, the contestants would take a quiz about the Mole’s identity, and whoever scored the lowest was eliminated. Initially hosted by Anderson Cooper and eventually featuring celebrity contestants, the series lasted until 2008 before it was suddenly canceled.

Now the show has been rebooted with 10 new episodes airing on Netflix. The streamer has yet to announce if The Mole will get a Season 2, but it certainly keeps much of the same formula that made it a success in the early ‘00s. Much like the original, the show follows 12 players who work together even while there’s a “Mole” in their midst. Weirdly enough, executive producer Chris Culvenor said the reboot was inspired by the wave of true crime tales.

"If you remember, a few years back, there was this great documentary called Don't F**k with Cats that was on Netflix. On that, you saw all these armchair detectives solve this incredibly complex case. And that was the spark in my head,” Culvenor told “That led me to think we now live in a different world from when The Mole launched. True crime is extremely popular. Crime podcasts are extremely popular. Everyone has a little bit of detective in them. So what better time to look at bringing back this classic format?”

It sounds like Culvenor sees this show as having the potential to continue, so here’s everything else we know so far.

Julian Panetta/Netflix

The Mole Season 2 Premiere Date

While dramas tend to take a year between seasons, Netflix isn’t completely consistent about the time between reality TV show seasons. Some of them have similarly taken a year break; but some competition shows like The Circle, Nailed It, and Too Hot To Handle have debuted new seasons as early as six months apart. So assuming The Mole gets the green light soon, we could be looking at a May or June 2023 premiere at the earliest.

The Mole Season 2 Cast

Though we don’t yet know who will star in a future season, it’ll likely follow the pattern of Season 1. When it comes to casting for the series, Culvenor said they were looking for people who embodied that kind of armchair detective mentality. “We really wanted people who had this passion, this curiosity, this investigative mindset about how they approach life. It didn't mean that they needed to be a true crime junkie. But we needed to get the sense that they would really throw themselves into this game, which is unraveling this mystery,” he explained. He cited heist movies Ocean's Eleven or Mission Impossible as inspiration for finding people who could “plug into those amazing challenges.”

He also added that diversity was a major factor. “We didn't want 12 players of former FBI investigators seeing if they could crack it,” he said. “There's a firefighter, a pilot, a gamer. All these people who come from different backgrounds with different sorts of histories.”

This post will be updated as more information about The Mole Season 2 becomes available.