Returning To The Proud Family Was A No-Brainer For The Series’ Voice Actors

See how the actors behind Penny, Trudy, Oscar, and Suga Mama have evolved since the 2001 premiere.

Photos Of 'The Proud Family' Characters & Voice Actors In 2001 vs Now. Photo via Disney+


Every ’90s and 2000s kid’s favorite animated family is back on Disney+’s The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, and so are the voice actors you know and love. Click through to see how each beloved character and their IRL counterpart has evolved since the original series’ 2001 premiere.


Picking up where 2005’s The Proud Family Movie left off, Penny Proud is now 16 years old on Louder and Prouder, but she’s still got the same bright-eyed spunky personality, eclectic group of friends, and overprotective parents from when viewers met her at 14 on The Proud Family.