Kristen Bell Has An Idea For The Woman In The House Season 2

Netflix has yet to renew the series.

Kristen Bell as Anna in episode 101 of 'The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in th...

After eight twisty episodes, the final moments of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window provide a clear setup for a Season 2. One year after clearing herself of murder, Anna (Kristen Bell) leaves her troubles and red wine behind for a weekend getaway to visit her best friend Sloane (Mary Holland) in New York City. Several mini vodka bottles, a few Xanax, and an A-list cameo later, she finds herself in the middle of another possible murder mystery.

Netflix has yet to announce whether or not Woman in the House will return for Season 2. But Bell, who’s also an executive producer on the series, recently told PopSugar that she hopes her character will solve the finale’s cliffhanger mystery “within the first five minutes of Episode 1, and then we just go into another mystery, like murders follow my character around.” However, she said she has “no idea” if there will be a second season or what the story will entail.

If the show is renewed, Bell will have plenty of input. In Season 1, she even nixed Netflix’s suggestion of shortening the title because the absurd length was representative of the tone they were trying to strike. “This show is definitely a satirical psychological drama,” she explained on the Today show’s Jan. 20 episode. “It’s based on all of these psychological novels that were written for women, by women. The formula’s always the same. She drinks too much. She might be mixing it with pills. She thinks she sees a murder. No one believes her. There’s so much formula to it that we thought it was about time that somebody poked fun at it.”

Towing the line between drama and comedy proved to be tricky. “This one was particularly challenging because it was, ‘Do I make a joke about this? Or do I play it completely straight, and risk missing the joke?’” she told Entertainment Weekly. The end result, she said, captures “the best bad acting I’ve ever wanted to accomplish in my career.”

For now, viewers will have to come up with their own theories about what happened to the woman in the plane. But here’s what we know about a possible Season 2.

The Woman In The House Season 2 Premiere Date

Netflix greenlit The Woman in the House in late 2020, and the first season premiered on Jan. 28, 2022. Because this is a new series, there’s no established release schedule yet, but another installment is unlikely to be available to stream before 2023. Currently, Bell has a starring role in Molly and the Moon on her slate of upcoming projects. According to IMDb, it’s in pre-production.

The Woman In The House Season 2 Cast

In addition to Bell and Holland, the Woman in the House Season 1 cast includes Michael Ealy (Douglas), Tom Riley (Neil), Samsara Yett (Emma), Shelley Hennig (Lisa/Chastity), Cameron Britton (Buell), Christina Anthony (Detective Lane), Brenda Koo (Carol), and Benjamin Levy Aguilar (Rex). While several of those characters died in Season 1, it’s possible they could appear again in flashbacks.

Glenn Close, who cameos at the very end of Season 1, could also play a central role in a subsequent installment, given that her character is the one who seemingly died.

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.