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This New True Crime Series Looks At Thomas Randolph & His Four Dead Wives

Here's what you need to know about the women Randolph married.

Over three episodes, NBC's new true crime series The Widower will explore the case of Thomas Randolph, who was married six times and had four of his wives die under suspicious circumstances. Randolph was convicted for the murder of his sixth wife Sharon Causse in 2017, per the Las Vegas Review-Journal. However, in December 2020, Fox 40 reported that his conviction was reversed and he was deemed eligible for a new trial. The reason? The prosecution had talked about the death of Randolph's second wife Becky Gault, whom he was accused of killing in 1986 (Randolph was acquitted in that trial). The Review-Journal reported that a judge ruled that the jury shouldn't have heard information regarding Gault's trial because Randolph hadn't been convicted.

Per Fox, Randolph has always claimed to be innocent in all of his wives' deaths, and he's only been tried for two of them — with his most recent conviction now pending that second trial. But since The Widower will dive into their stories further as the series explores Randolph's history with women, here's what you need to know about the six women Randolph married.

Kathryn Thomas

Randolph's first wife married him when she was 18, according to another Review-Journal article. She's one of his only surviving wives, and she testified against him at his initial trial for Causse's murder. On the stand, Thomas alleged that he was "controlling, manipulative and psychologically abusive."

Becky Gault

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Randolph married Gault in 1983. In 1986 Randolph reported her death to police as a suicide. Per People magazine, he was arrested and put on trial for her death, but he was eventually acquitted and collected Gault's $500,000 insurance payout.

Gayna Allmon

Wife number three is the only other surviving one. Allmon also testified against Randolph at his first trial for Causse's death. According to the Review-Journal, she claimed on the stand that Randolph's gun had gone off when he was cleaning it one time, and she believed he was trying to kill her.

Francis Randolph

There's some debate on the order of wives four and five. The Review-Journal and Daily Mail reported that Francis Randolph was his fourth wife, but USA Today and the New York Post have spelled her name Frances and reported that she was Randolph's fifth wife. According to another Review-Journal article, Francis' daughter Rachel Gaskins claimed that she was told her mother died in the hospital after having heart surgery. Gaskins claimed that Randolph was the last one to see Francis alive, and that he allegedly wouldn't permit Gaskins to see her mother or attend the funeral.

Leona Stapleton

Not much is known about Stapleton, who was either Randolph's fourth or fifth wife, depending on which source you're using. But the Review-Journal reported that Randolph told his friends and family that Stapleton died of cancer.

Sharon Causse

Randolph's sixth and final wife was Causse. According to News 3 Las Vegas, Randolph claimed that Causse was shot and killed by an intruder, and then Randolph shot and killed the intruder in supposed self-defense. Per the New York Post, the intruder was Michael Miller, who had previously worked as a handyman for Randolph. According to Fox 40, prosecutors alleged that Randolph had hired Miller as a hitman for Causse but then turned the tables on Miller and shot him after Causse's murder was complete. Although he was once convicted of both Causse and Miller's murders, Randolph will now go through a trial again to determine if those convictions will stand.