Here's What Tyreek Has Been Doing Since His Emotional 'Queer Eye' Episode

Karamo Brown and 'Queer Eye' Season 5 hero Tyreek, via the Netflix press site.
Ryan Collerd/Netflix

The fourth episode of Queer Eye Season 5 features Tyreek Wanamaker, an activist in Philadelphia who, after growing up in some tough circumstances, has dedicated his life to helping others in his community. After Queer Eye, Tyreek still works for Mighty Writers in West Philly, which promotes literacy for youth with free writing workshops. He also helps out at The Block Gives Back, a nonprofit that organizes free meals, neighborhood clean-ups, anti-violence campaigns, and support for those experiencing homelessness — which Tyreek has experienced firsthand.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Tyreek's episode was actually one of the last ones filmed for Season 5. The Fab 5 stopped by Mighty Writers in September 2019 before wrapping production later that month. Now, the workshops have been moved online amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Mighty Writers has been trying to give back as best they can from a safe distance. In April, Tyreek paired up with Christina Rissell, his Queer Eye nominator, to hand out free lunches to families in need while they stood six feet apart. (Notably, Tyreek is wearing one of the jackets Tan bought for him on Queer Eye.)

At The Block Gives Back, Tyreek works with his other Queer Eye nominator and friend Tommy. Shortly after his makeover on the show, Tyreek helped the nonprofit with a Taco Tuesday event where they fed the community for free. When the organization hosted another event in December, Tyreek broke out the sequin jacket he got from Tan.

Regardless of what Tyreek is wearing, he's making an important difference in his community and helping to prevent young people from having to deal with some of the same obstacles that he did. He just so happens to look a little snazzier doing it.